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  1. I would describe my hometown with the word BORING!
  2. Brushstroke


    ya I totally understand
  3. Vehicular manslaughter and serial murder, total number of victims 46
  4. Brushstroke


    I didn't say I hated her I just said I thought she was mean sometimes
  5. I the when ever your drawing in pencil, and you go to erase. And you swipe away the shavings and the whole thing smudges and graphite gets all over your hand.
  6. Holy freakin crap, this is just creepy and it remindes me too much of cupcakes. But other than that it looks kewl
  7. My favorite ending theme is to cardcaptor Sakura
  8. he is very level headed and brooding but for the most part he is really nice
  9. ok fine you win but they need more apple jack too
  10. This is my OC I hope it's good enough for da forum.
  11. in what way is that a good thing?
  12. then maybe, by like what way would make it good?
  13. NO! Only because the movie was not that entertaining to me.
  14. Here's to never growing up, by avril lavigne
  15. Well I think for one both movies were good but frozen was my all time best movie if this year. I love both of these movies I. The respect that the directors acknowledged connections between the two. They said *SPOILER ALERT* that when the king and queen of arindel died they were in their way to a wedding. And since in tangled at the end of the movie rapunzle said the honeymoon was in arindel that could only mean that the wedding was for Anna and Elsa's cousin rapunzle. And I also noticed that the king of arindel shares similar facial features with the queen of corona. COINCIDENCE, I think not. This just proves that Anna and Elsa are related to rapunzle.