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  1. Probably too late to this ship but I gotta say. Don't just change DAWs if you're a beginner. Any DAW more or less achieves the same results if you know what you're doing, and Logic actually has excellent in-house plugins and decent workflow. What you really need to do is hunker out and learn your tools inside and out. Whatever you've got or can freely get, synths, mixing plugins, use YouTube videos, troll producer forums, learn some music theory. Dedicate yourself to progress on one thing. Switching DAWs just adds new thing you have to learn for what might not be much payoff. You can achieve a good sound no matter what you're using, you just have to be willing to learn how. And Skullcandy is right, if you do want to upgrade something make it your monitors. Better headphones, speakers, that's the best investment for a first time musician, not a new DAW.
  2. Wooah you're alive I think

  3. Alternatively there's a fairly quality repository here. You can even get the wavs if you so desire. http://mlptf2mods.com/tutorials/resource-materials
  4. Art is subjective and personal and I believe that art can manifest in many forms (so in the end it's mostly just semantical, imo). Science, philosophy, and art go hand in hand. It's creative direction and the ability to see beyond the obvious that make the theories of science and philosphy advance. Einstein's famous thought experiment was strictly imagination given realistic bounds to produce the mathematical foundations to questions that had plagued physics since Maxwell. Creativity, in short, to break down the real world into the abstract and answer a problem with it. Art. I'd honestly just do my thing. Not everyone has to be an artist or scientist, most human beings fall on the median of the bell curve after all.
  5. Here's a subject I can get behind. I'll unlurk for a bit! Only thing is I'm not exactly sure where one draws the line on mainstream versus not? Name drop? I guess I qualified my list based on aggregate popularity of the song. This isn't really exhaustive of my favorites as all, I almost picked stuff at random really. I like a lot of stuff. Also, hell yeah Dillon Francis and Curbi. :3 Love the selections, sans the Monstercat stuff, I've been a bit iffy on their quality and style as of late, but just my opinion on the matter. Mainstream: Pushing On - Oliver $ and Jimi Jules (Tchami Remix) : Tchami is the real MVP of my music tastes atm, and this would be his signature track IMO. Future Bass OP, one. Beautifully made, two. Good mix, the drop is one of my favorites at the moment and it's just killer and clean. Deserves every one of it's 3.5 mil+ views. Angels - Vicetone ft. Kat Nestel : Ayyyy, Vicetone. Not always the cleanest or most creative of producers, but they know how to make a dancefloor move, and that's my main criteria (because I dance to this music, go figure when it's EDM and all). I also love the lyrical content, rarely enough for an electro house song. Simple but they speak to me fairly well. The yung Saxobeat trumpet sample is used to great effect. Percussive rhythm is fun. The Thrill - Nero (Porter Robinson Remix) : lol Porter Robinson. But seriously though, what he did with this song is damn sexy. The vocal changes from the original song still confound me to this day, I have no idea what sort of thought process he was using to turn the original into this beauty. Love the lyrics, the drop is a classic Worlds Porter 'everyone get kawaii' drop. Nothing to not love. :3 Non-Mainsteam: Already Gone - Alison Wonderland ft. Brave and Lidolido : The production is a little bleh but I just love the idea behind it and Lido's lyrics on the track. I like his voice in general, tbh, I wish he'd sing more, or that I could find the songs where he sings at the very least. When the drop comes we finna get turnt. Also, female DJ-producer reppin'!! :3 :3 Aphrodisiak - Benny Benassi and Chris Nasty : I am a sucker for future house in general and I could easily have just thrown a million future house songs into this list lel. I came for Benny Benassi because name rec, but still I think this track isn't getting the attention it needs. Sweet progression on the drop, and I like the history behind the samples they used. Venice - The Lighthouse and the Whaler (Louis the Child Remix) : Just found this one today while trolling around, actually. I'm hoping Louis the Child gets big, I love their clean and really chill pseudo-triphopy/Flumey style production. Something nice to vibe to, drums are too good for this sinful earth. Night Is On My Mind - Oliver : Oliver Oliver Oliver. When/if I get back into producing I swear the tracks by these guys will be the only reference tracks I'd ever need. The mixdowns are some of the best I've ever heard. Excellent bass production that's unique but not crazy overboard for the genre and feel. Slow, sensual, beautiful beautiful track.
  6. As far as I am aware that is a largely irrelevant opinion that would be based on the individual more than it would any form of group identity or thought. Not like bronies are... at all important to the overall LGBT narrative, legally or socially.
  7. but brony rappers suck u should just go on wurldstarr
  8. K-On as well. There is very little that is offensive about it, It's mostly just a cute and funny show. At least Season 1 was, Season 2 seemed to be super polarizing. Nagi no Asakura as well. Also super polarizing but imo the story and animation are top notch. Man now that I think about it I don't know many non-violent/sexual anime...
  9. Legendary Anyways I like them both equally. Skrillex's production is sublime and so is Mau5's, just in wildly different genres. They're both stand out.
  10. Doesn't happen to me so I wouldn't know. I think being prudent with how you present yourself keeps you from being a target... Not something all of the disadvantaged in the world can help, I know, but being a brony by itself should barely register as a bulliable thing. We're not in 2012 anymore.
  11. Like Lightning Dust would do it if we strictly use showcanon. One of the primary things that made the fandom undergo the huge bloating it did during the S2-S3 era was the enormous amount of traction and interest alternate universes and character interpretations developed. It's a part of any fandom really, either subtle or massive twisting of a character concept to allow fan works to flourish. In this case, is it mostly unbelievable? Yes. But there's a market for it, as we see by Fimfiction stats. Boys love their grimdark. By no means is it guaranteed to be well written or especially justified, but there you go. You don't have to like it, but you do have to acknowledge that it is going to exist.
  12. I think they'd all have the capacity to be bicurious, since there (might) not be sexuality pressure from society like there is in our world. That said, statistically they're all going to be straight, with maybe one mare being something besides.
  13. I'm not saying it's insurmountable I'm just saying I don't see it being fixed any time soon.
  14. Not saying that either event is related to the other, I just have my own problems that I don't see being resolved any time soon. Being cognizant of an issue isn't equivalent to being capable of doing anything about it.
  15. Not every problem is solvable, at least not without time. I'm probably going to be long out of this fandom before I finally have the maturity and stability to be true to myself.