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  1. Frankly I am not 100% sure where to go from here. Does anyone have an idea of what could be a good next step?
  2. Not exactly related, but this was just hilarious what happened and I wanted you guys to know. So today my dad's parents (two of the most staunch republicans I've ever seen by miles) came by to visit. I happened to have left my hardback copy of Past Sins (so awesome) on the kitchen counter. Papa came across it and picked it up, looking at the jacket and trying to figure out what it was. Keep in mind, they've never heard of bronyism and because they are very conservative would probably hate the idea. So he's reading this jacket and I'm just waiting to see what happens. Then Grammy reenters the room and she says, "whatcha got there George?" And he looks at her and says, "It's a fable, Helen." "Like a collection of old fables?" "No, it's about Nightmare Moon. She's the good guy, randy?" I was taken aback, but recovered quickly. "Well, sorta," I said, "everyone wants her to be the bad guy and really believes she's bad, but she doesn't want to be. She just wants to be happy and nice but her strange disciples keep telling her she should be mean." And they both just kinda nodded and moved on. I'm thoroughly baffled that they didn't question the sheer volume of equine stuff going on, but I think this whole brony thing has flown right over their heads. I guess I'm relieved? Alrighty guys, I'm thinking we just start in the next little bit. If the others come back at some point, they're always welcome, but for now I think we can manage sans them.
  3. So we've got at least more than half of our people back. Four is certainly enough to proceed, but I feel we can wait until Sunday or Monday perhaps to see if the others come back :3
  4. Though frankly at this point that's a kinda big 'if', far as I can tell. Maybe I will be surprised
  5. Looks like everyone forgot to come back. If we hear from a few more folks and can resuscitate this, then Chrissy is certainly welcome as well
  6. So you guys. I know this is probably just as much my doing as anyone else's, but am I right in thinking this RP is dead? I hope not, because we had an awesome setup, but I just prefer to know
  7. "Haha, like the sign said, I'm Dusty Quill. I'm 24 as of two and a half weeks from now. My favorite color is the night's color. Blue, dark and cool, but not cruel, not actual blackness. Just night's gentle wrapping in soft, cool darkness. My favorite animal is a crow. You wouldn't believe how much the works of Edgar Allen Pony inspired me. But I prefer the raven's less elegant name, the crow. What about you?"
  8. Dusty smirked. "I was born and raised in Manehatten. Beautiful city, loved it. Both of my parents were school teachers, my mom and elementary and my dad a university professor. I had plenty of friends as a colt, but as you can imagine my current line of work involves a lot of acquaintances and not a lot of friends," he said, smiling almost guiltily.
  9. Dusty grinned, his eyes reflecting the moonlight. "Sure!" he said. "I'll start. Where do you come from? Have you always lived here? Who are your parents? What do they do? Who are your friends?" he rattled off, trying to think of some basic background info he could get.
  10. Dusty laughed a bit and turned red. "Because watching the moon rise with you was worth more than getting my debt paid that much faster," he said. He laughed nervously and fidgeted a bit where he sat, trying to look at the moon and not stare at Shooting too much.
  11. Dusty smiled brightly. "You know, the whole reason I can do the job I do is because Princess Luna believes in me. I've met her," he explained, "as part of a new program that the University of Manehatten introduced a few years back called Luna's Travelling Writers. Basically, I got a financial boost from her personal treasury in return for a share of my profits for as long as it takes to pay her back, plus some interest. It's really been my salvation. She really was just incredible when I met her."
  12. "Have you ever gotten a chance to see Princess Luna before?" Dusty asked. "I mean, that must be every astronomer's dream, right? To meet the pony that created the entire night sky thousands of years ago? I bet anypony who meets her comes out a much better-informed scholar, right?"
  13. Eventually, Dusty took his eyes off the sky, and it was at this time that he caught sight of his companion's cutie mark. "That's a comet, right? Are you some kind of astronomer? I bet you know all kinds of crazy stuff about the night sky. I've always loved nighttime. Luna's domain is so peaceful, so quiet. The hustle and bustle of the day is okay, but Luna rules over a more reserved, thoughtful time that for writers like me is essential."
  14. After a few minutes, Dusty looked around and saw the first few stars wink into view. "Look, look! The stars are coming out! They can all be seen out here! Nothing like the big towns I'm usually selling in, where the lights of the city drown the lights of the sky. But here, it's all there, just watching us the way we watch them."
  15. We trot out of the woody clearing and back onto the road. I look around a bit. We are in the hilly regions east of Appleoosa, west of the center of Equestria. Far to the east, on a high mountain, Canterlot can be seen with its tall, gleaming spires and towers. I point a hoof in that direction. "We can make our way to the east! Land of the rising celestial bodies and culture and other interesting stuff I'm sure! I start off to the east on the trail. "By nightfall we could probably get to the outside of Las Pegasus if we, uh, hoof it."