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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Some eye styles I do for each char! Thanks so much! I appreciate the support <3
  3. Rarity with Pinkie's hair sketch! inspired by a few sketches my boyfriend made Thank you both for the compliments! forgot to quote woops~
  4. It did pretty ok after a while, the budget of the movie was "humble" as the execs explain and it will be sure to make more than enough money with the home DVD/Bluray release and merchandise. To the point where they might even consider making another one.
  5. Thanks a lot! hope you enjoy whatever else I do <3
  6. Honestly more starlight and supporting cast and some Moondancer and friends (along twilight) ep would be cool too!
  7. That is a very pretty picture, tho I really enjoy when people draw her very cartoony and cutesy
  8. Hey there cutie, I see you have some nice taste... I say this because your icon was literally made by a friend of mine
  9. Thanks so much! and okay I didn't think of that, haven't been in forums in years haha. I'll put some links up with pretty images on my signature when I get some time. Thanks again! Thanks a lot man! I'll keep it up <3