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  1. This story had my friend and I in grand fits of laughter just now. 10/10, would read 1 trillion times! While I'm on topic with your story, you also should have said "I hunt for only the finest grains of rice!" for even more lulziness! Anyways, my rofl story occurred just mere days ago, whilst in the midst of playing Mario Kart 8. I was at Toad Harbor with a friend of mine playing VS Race, and I happened to speed my way to 1st place, and heard the Blue Shell warning siren, and thought, "Ohhh, fuck no, not this again...!". I was promptly Bob-Ombed by said friend, and got blown to high hell, as the Luigi train next to me got KO'd once, and my friend passed me to bump me down to 3rd place, and the Blue shell ended up divebombing me, making the train, again, got KO'd. We were in tears from having such grand, crazy laughter!
  2. I've never seen a fully-grown one! How large are they? I like keeping them too. I wish I didn't simply place them in the backyard after half an hour, though! They sound fun to have around and you can feed them bugs/insects that happen to travel their way into your room! That way, both sides win: The spider gets to live and eat, and you get to have a really neat pet!
  3. Well, it depends on the size and type of bug it is. I've captured quite a few jumping spiders and sat them in front of my computer before and they even look at the screen sometimes (For instance, I was on this exact forum when I was placing the spider down in front of the screen and it just glared at the screen wondering "What the hell is all this?! Ponies?! What is this "My Little Pony" this human is looking at?" )! But for most bugs, like flies and wasps and bees (the latter two are very rare!), as well as tiny flying insects will appear in my room on occasion, but I usually just smash them to their untimely demise! If it's a bee or a wasp or fly, I get my dad to deal with them. As for jumping spiders, I just cannot bring myself to kill such a small bug! I mean, look how small it is!
  4. I have 3. Applejack150, TwilightSparkle2010, and (I think!) AppleDerpy20.
  5. I do have some (though very hazy/obscure) memories of VeggieTales myself... All I seem to recall is the Daniel and the Lions story, as well as a few of the characters!
  6. Euch. Pac-Man. The terrible memories are coming back. D:
  7. May I have one? If that's ok with you... owo
  8. Nintendo stole the show and hit a ton of grand slams/home runs.
  9. Nn? Well, I've met people online who dislike/hate those things and call them "overrated" or "shitty".
  10. All these Nintendo games...! Yep, I'll be BROKE as fuck buying half of them xD
  11. Hmmmm... What do I enjoy that others hate? Quite a few things, actually: Metallica/Megadeth - This drives my dad and mom up the wall. Though, I did force an ultimatiu- err, convince him to go to the Metallica concert that came to Vancouver in 2012. The Beatles - It's hard to understand the generation that was born 2000 or later (some people, not all!) hate on The Beatles or think they're overrated. It just doesn't really make sense. D: My Little Pony - Most of my family and friends just say "Dude, really? Wat even...?". I just laugh at them and ignore hostile comments for the most part, on the account that I get a lulzy laugh out of them! Paul McCartney/Wings - Same as The Beatles; Wings was one of the better 1970s bands other than Queen, and Queen was pretty awesome too! Bruce Lee - Let's face it. In his prime, the man could kick major ass. His movies are too fucking awesome for words, and all those speedy moves would baffle even Rainbow Dash! Star Wars - I've seen a few people slam the original trilogy online, though it is quite rare, and most of the Star Wars hate is in the prequels; honestly, the prequels could be worse! Give them a break! ^^" Indiana Jones - Snakes, nuke-launched fridges and a hell of an adventure with a man armed with a pistol and a whip. 'Nuff said. That's all I can think of at this late hour of 11:20PM. I will update it when I get the chance tomorrow!
  12. I had a pretty horrendous experience with furries. They hounded me and kicked me to the ground and mocked me, so I decided to basically abandon and shun them. x-x
  13. Most of the furries I've met fall into that category. They are brain-dead idiots who can't take a clue to shut the hell up and get the hell out and not taint everything with their crappy art.
  14. No. I don't even like the furries because all they do is yiff and raid chats and ruin sites with their cancer.
  15. My personal favorites? These covers are awesome: