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  1. It is said and done.

  2. I collect knives. Does that count?
  3. Yup, that's how it goes. I don't give a sh*t about you so why should you give a sh*t about me?

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    2. They call me Loyalty

      They call me Loyalty

      If you're not troubled by fear and doubt. Then tell me. Do you feel inner peace and well being? "My achievement" natural behaviour for someone which acts from ego. Which is not bad or good. It IS a learning experience with great purpose. Our consciousness is timeless, eventhough we spin in the cycles of life.

    3. NeedsMoreGoth


      I do not fear. And doubting is a different topic on it's own. Doubt only gives me reason to experiment and learn. And now I have to leave.

    4. They call me Loyalty
  4. Drawing ponies nowadays takes me back... I guess I'm glad I can see a hint of the old me in my newer drawings. Such joyful nostalgia.

  5. So there's a Rarity drawing contest happening on DeviantArt. Seeing as Rarity is my favorite pony, I suppose I should draw something.

    1. NeedsMoreGoth


      Side note: Lady Gaga is just what I need to help me draw Rarity

  6. Holy cow... I don't remember the last time I cried my eyes out for no apparent reason. That rush of emotion... Tells me I'm still alive. And after those heavy tears, I couldn't be happier. ^^

    1. Kyoshi


      It is amazing how refreshing a crying breakdown can be. Good to know it has you feeling better. :D

    2. NeedsMoreGoth


      Aye. ^^ It's gotta happen every so often.

  7. I kindly encourage to mind their own goddamn business.

    1. Johnny1226
    2. NeedsMoreGoth


      What does that even mean... *looks down*

    3. Johnny1226


      Talk loud and you will be heard it's a fact

  9. "Listen to yourself whining and complaining like some sorry little victim! You can whimper all day for all I care, you're nothing but a coward!"

    1. Jonny Music

      Jonny Music

      I agree. Who's words are those if I may ask?

    2. NeedsMoreGoth
    3. Jonny Music
  10. Meant to say that you speak to me on a spiritual level. I made a typo.

  11. Indeed it is. Now I wish writing "indeed" would be sufficient but a post requires more characters than that, thus I wrote this sentence explaining my displeasure.
  12. Or most people lie to themselves and others to ignore the loneliness in the depths of their soul.
  13. Black attire, rainbow heart.

  14. I've read through too many comments just to leave an edgy comment of my own. *sighs and crosses arms* Much to my hate of actually putting in effort, I will not chase love, nor will I actually try very hard for love. However, running AWAY from love is too much effort as well so it all depends on how well I can stay out of sight.
  15. Best quote by myself: "Yup, this is a Leg movie."

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    2. Jonny Music

      Jonny Music

      It didn't mean that you have to do it. You could've respectfully said "No thank you." and decline it.

    3. NeedsMoreGoth


      Trust me, I've tried. But it was worth watching it in the end, at least for the sake of bonding. ^^

    4. Jonny Music

      Jonny Music

      Eh, fair enough.