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  1. NeedsMoreGoth

    What's Your Focus?

    I collect knives. Does that count?
  2. NeedsMoreGoth

    What's Your Stance On Anti-Bronies?

    I kindly encourage to mind their own goddamn business.
  3. NeedsMoreGoth many of us are...single (me)

    Indeed it is. Now I wish writing "indeed" would be sufficient but a post requires more characters than that, thus I wrote this sentence explaining my displeasure.
  4. NeedsMoreGoth many of us are...single (me)

    Or most people lie to themselves and others to ignore the loneliness in the depths of their soul.
  5. NeedsMoreGoth many of us are...single (me)

    I've read through too many comments just to leave an edgy comment of my own. *sighs and crosses arms* Much to my hate of actually putting in effort, I will not chase love, nor will I actually try very hard for love. However, running AWAY from love is too much effort as well so it all depends on how well I can stay out of sight.
  6. NeedsMoreGoth

    Your opinion on my recent drawings

  7. NeedsMoreGoth

    Music Babymetal

    I'm not a big fan of them but there is a song I absolutely love. That song is Megitsune.
  8. That's dumb. I'm sorry to hear that, friend. But you know what they say, nothing good lasts forever.
  9. NeedsMoreGoth

    Is the above user's avatar cuter than yours?

    Goth wins...
  10. NeedsMoreGoth

    Do you pour the milk or the cereal first?

    I pour milk first. Unlike cereal, milk never changes... *sigh*
  11. NeedsMoreGoth

    Hey There, Everypone

    Hello and welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay here and feel free to ask about anything. ^^
  12. NeedsMoreGoth

    Gaming Favorite Video Game Glitches

    GTA: San Andreas is full of glitches. I've seen delayed death so many times, where an NPC with 0 health would just casually take a couple steps before falling to the ground. On the other hand, you can make NPCs immortal if you walk them into the Pay 'n' Spray places and paint your car while they're inside.
  13. NeedsMoreGoth

    Gaming Favorite Video Game Glitches

    Okay, so I'm sure this is an overused topic on the internet but it's still incredibly fun so why not go with it? Just share a gaming glitch that you found interesting, fun, etc. It would also be great if you could share the reason why you found this glitch worthy of mention. Here are a couple of mine: The mew glitch from gen 1 Pokemon games- I love this glitch mainly because of the level 100 Nidoking you can get before the 1st gym. And it grants access to all pokemon without having to trade or cheat. Falling through the floor- Playing a warrior on a WoW private server and using charge resulted in me falling through the floor and into a cave once. I survived with barely any HP and got the "Going Down?!" achievement. When this glitch happens randomly in games and doesn't cause any major damage, it can be a great laugh. Water goggles- A decent glitch for when swimming. In games such as Morrowind and Oblivion, you can keep your head halfway above and halfway below the water's surface, resulting in everything underwater being visible the same way as air. Makes it much easier to spot details.
  14. NeedsMoreGoth


    The word "angel" called me here... Yup, we all have one. ^^ You speak so passionately about Rarity and that makes me smile. You are pure of heart. Much better for her than Prince Blueblood.
  15. NeedsMoreGoth

    Has an anti-brony ever trolled or bullied you?

    Almost every day in school. -.-"