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  1. The real PON-3

    UK Bronies going to Galacon 2017

    hey, I was wondering if any UK bronies would like to group together for flights to Galacon. If so it'd be nice to hear from some of you as I would hate to have to travel such a distance on my own.
  2. The real PON-3

    General What would be scarier than a scorpion?

    how about...Responsibilities?
  3. Hell yea i would. I would change pretty much everything about me. Gender, personality, appearance, likes, dislikes, friends. heck if i could change who was in my family i would.
  4. The real PON-3

    Otherkin Bronies?

    I`m a member of that Hypnoponies website and it does work. It does take some time though, but if you do what the tutorials say and maybe even read some of the journals of the other ponies on the forums you can get quite far into the hypnosis
  5. The real PON-3

    General Do you want children?

    I would love to have kids, but as i`m transgender it will be for some time for me be able to have my own kids in the way i want to hav them. That is if it even becomes possible for Transgender women to give birth
  6. The real PON-3

    General Are you happy with life right now?

    I wish i could say i`m 100% happy with life.....but that would be a lie. The main thing that`s making me sad is the fact i don`t know how to tell my Parents i`m Transgender which stops me from being able to begin the journey of transitioning.
  7. The real PON-3

    Music genres

    i`m not really into hardstyle but i love a good bit of Trance, Techno and DnB. I also don`t mind acid techno and stuff like that.
  8. The real PON-3

    Music genres

    same of you may know by now that i make mixes on youtube and it would really help a lot if i had some suggestions for genres and stuff like that. i`m not that picky anything would be nice and greatly appreciated. please leave genres and links below. thanks for reading.
  9. The real PON-3

    Dusk`s FREE OC request shop.(HAND DRAWN NOT VECTOR)

    sure, i`ll have to sort through the rest first though. any specific stance or background?
  10. The real PON-3

    Dusk`s FREE OC request shop.(HAND DRAWN NOT VECTOR)

    if you want, i could have a go. i`m going to use his current stance because it looks pretty cool.
  11. The real PON-3

    Dusk`s FREE OC request shop.(HAND DRAWN NOT VECTOR)

    exact same stance? (space filler)
  12. The real PON-3

    What if you woke up in Equestria?

    step 1: hide from pinkie! step 2: wonder what the hell happened step 3: find Twilight and ask her if she knew what had happened step 4: go for a walk around ponyville(or where ever i woke up) step 5: if not my OC then try and find my OC(if he exists) step 6: get a job step 7 onwards: see where life takes me, as long as it`s not back to earth!
  13. The real PON-3

    The Outsiders

    Nat geo is in Britain as well
  14. if this actually happened there are multiple things i could do. joiner artist join the military music producer
  15. The real PON-3

    What are You SUPPOSED to be Doing Right Now? Be Honest...

    i should be doing revision but who needs it?......probably me. i should also be doing some art homework and i should do some work on hypnosis, nanoparticles and whatever else i should be doing. but no, im listening to a annoying song and posting on the forums. here`s the song so you can feel my pain;