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  1. Getting my referral to a Trans clinic in 3 weeks! i'm so happy it's unreal!

  2. hey, I was wondering if any UK bronies would like to group together for flights to Galacon. If so it'd be nice to hear from some of you as I would hate to have to travel such a distance on my own.
  3. To all my friends here. I wish you all an amazing 2017. love you all! <3

  4. a late merry christmas to you all

  5. yo! how are you all?

    1. Zachary


      Hello! I'm Currently doing Great, Yourself?

    2. The real PON-3

      The real PON-3

      doin alright. cold as heck though

    3. strongwilled_pegasus
  6. aaand i`m back. hi. hey. yo?

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    2. The real PON-3
    3. Zachary


      I'm Currently doing Great Thanks! Yourself?

    4. The real PON-3

      The real PON-3

      I`m alright. starting to get back to myself again after months of being lost ^^

  7. welp. for what..the fourth time? I`m back again but probably will fade away again in a few days