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  1. Well, I'm in Houston, and im a pretty good Vocalist, and am learning guitar. Just a question, will this be somewhat Brony music like Aviators or just a band in general?
  2. Currently trying to breeze through the months without new Episodes. Cant wait for Season 3!

  3. Awaiting the weekend and new My Little Pony episode!

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    2. Key Gear

      Key Gear

      Chigens, I bet she is going to get humiliated though....

    3. DerpyMLP


      @Chigens: I like the Diamond Tiara episodes cuz she always ends up getting either humiliated or proven wrong, so i agree with Scootacool.

      @Scootacool: Lol, i should, huh?

    4. Key Gear

      Key Gear

      Join me, young DerpyMLP, and together we will rule the chicken roost!!!


  4. so just record us saying "Hello, World" and send it?
  5. Name: Lavendershine Gender: Female Cutie Mark: None (Blank Flank) Back Story: Lavendershine is a Blank Flank unrecognized by the CMC. She enjoys making music, so she can usually be found near an insturment or musician, like DJ PON-3 or Octavia. She enjoys having fun and making ponies smile, like Pinkie Pie, except nopony really notices her. She enjoys helping others, usually Derpy. Lavendershine (Filly):
  6. 1. Derpy 2. Scootaloo 3. Fluttershy 4. Colgate 5. Sweetie Belle
  7. DerpyMLP

    Fan Fiction Lavender's Story, A MLP Fanfic

    Lol, thanks. Any ideas?
  8. I agree that people overreact about Derpy. i can understand how some might take offense, but not enough to CHANGE Derpy. Our Muffin Princess will not change.
  9. Part 1: Lavender's Story, A MLP Fanfic It was a starry night in Equestria as the residents of Ponyville hurriedly gathered in Town Square. Concerned murmurs rippled through the crowd as a shining carriage toted by gold clad colts swept into the Square. A pearl white Alicorn with a billowing mane stepped out of the carriage and stepped towards the crowd, a regal air in her stride. "Citizens of Ponyville, I have come to enlighten you on a... Peculiar situation." Upon hearing this, question after question was fired at the stunning alicorn: "What happened?" "Was it Discord again?" "
  10. Maybe one where Scootaloo has the idea her Cutie Mark will have something to do with flying or danger, so she talks to other PEgasi with their Cutie Marks (RD, Futtershy, Derpy, etc.). Agreed!
  11. Pegasus. Derpy, Rainbow Dash AND Fluttershy are all pegasi, and they are all awesome characters.
  12. I Think the episodes shold continue as they are, with a little more arcs in the season, not just the two episode story at the very beginning.
  13. Thanks guys! and the Ponyville Library? on my way
  14. Hey everypony, DerpyMLP here, just here to say hello. I am a proud Brony, I live in Texas, and i love drawing ponies and Writing fanfics. I like all characters, but my favorite backgound pony is either Derpy or Colgate, my favorite of the Mane 6 is Fluttershy, and my favorite filly is Scootaloo. What are yours?
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