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Status Updates posted by Eloquence

  1. From this point on, I will no longer be checking MLPF, or if I do it will be with no level of reliability. Farewell my dears <3

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    2. Golbez


      *Hat tips*

      Fare well Elo, I'll be keeping in touch. :)

    3. Novaburst


      Farewell, could we stay in touch?

    4. Wingnut


      I'm sad to see you go. Best wishes, hun! :)

  2. When roleplaying with your tea-themed OCs reminds you that your tea's getting cold

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    2. N.W.



    3. Eloquence


      @mesme yukyukyukyuk

      @nebula I'm not sure I'd call it a problem, actually a useful reminder seems like quite the opposite of a problem :P

    4. Shadow Beam

      Shadow Beam

      Heh, I adore those two. Though now I realize I haven't drunk tea in like years holy hell.

  3. Taking a mini-vacation by a quiet lake... I needed this

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    2. DND


      wow take me with you

    3. Eloquence


      Hehe, then you enjoy yourself snakefriend :P


      And I wish you could visit Kiwoy! This place would be more fun with friends :D

    4. DND


      aww same its death by heat out here

  4. Pros of being an adult: I can pack as many goddamn oreos in my lunch as I want now

  5. The bots on tinder have gotten disturbingly good at pretending to be real people since I last used the app...

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    2. Frostgage


      I've seen enough science-fiction to know how this ends

    3. Retro*Derpy


      Reminds me of a time when I was on a Proxy server. Bot lady said she lived next to USA-E34 server too, and we should meet. Hehe.

    4. Shadow Beam

      Shadow Beam

      S E N T I E N C E

  6. My rats are being weirder than normal tonight

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    2. Away


      and ferrets <3

    3. Eloquence


      True though ^

    4. Away


      or just about any small furry critter for that matter

  7. Facebook: there for you when you need to be reminded that it's your ex's birthday, because you sure wouldn't want to miss that

  8. Just happened to see that I'm at exactly 2000 brohoofs. Glad I caught that :3

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    2. Johnny1226



    3. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      Congrats Elo.


      for your celebration, i will play some ELO. :P



    4. Eloquence


      Thanks everyone <333

  9. I AM BACK. I was without internet for a loooong time so if you tried to get my attention within the last 10 days please let me know because I will not have seen your mention/quote

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    2. Eloquence


      Thanks everyone, I'm happy to be back :)

    3. Golbez


      Glad that your back Elo! :)

    4. Eloquence


      Thanks Golbez :)

  10. *laying on the floor practically in tears* Getting ready to move in two days is going super well you guys

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    2. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      You can do it. The Pay off will be great. :)

    3. Golbez


      Elo, make sure the toolbox is the last to go in!

    4. Eloquence


      Thanks Mesme, and thanks for the reminder Golbez. The toolbox is still out, along with the important toiletries and my trusty laptop

  11. https://mlpforums.com/blog/2305/entry-20080-graduation/ - My thoughts don't fit in a status update today
    1. StormdustPony



    2. Johnny1226


      Congratulations eloquence

    3. Eloquence


      Thank you both <3

  12. Is that fanart of the pony from Pony Island? Dude, that is awesome

  13. Just finished the last essay I'll ever write for my undergrad degree. Feels... surreal

    1. Jeric


      OMG REALLY? o.0


      You are all grown up. *Jeric tears up*

    2. Eloquence




      *Elo hands you a tissue, also gets one for herself*

  14. Four cups of caffeinated tea later, I still have 0 focus but at least I'm awake

    1. Midnight Seeker

      Midnight Seeker

      And I'll bet you feel quite lovely, yes?

    2. Eloquence


      Well mostly I just felt stressed but like I said, at least I was awake. Sometimes that's all you really need :P

  15. Happy Birthday!! :D

    1. SFyr


      Thanks Eloquence! :D

  16. Happy Birthday DQ!

    1. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      Toda (Thanks), Elo! :D

  17. I'm literally going to be on hold for the rest of my life. I'm going to die with my phone on my chest playing distorted elevator music

    1. DND


      a good friend of mine's actually going through the same thing right now haha

  18. Would love to just curl up at home and do something quiet and soothing right now. It's too bad that school and responsibilities are still a thing

    1. Dawning Demon

      Dawning Demon

      Damn school xD

    2. Wayzer


      Is it that stressful? good luck you know :3

    3. Pathfinder


      Wouldn't mind doing that myself.

  19. Homestuck is actually ending and I don't know how to feel

    1. DwhitetheGamer


      Hope you feel better, Elo.

  20. *Starts watching the season 6 premier* TwiStar anyone? Ship? Ship?

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    2. Dark Qiviut
    3. Pathfinder


      Well, since it's obvious SciTwi has Sunny all to herself, it might as well be Starlight. :P

    4. PacificGreen


      I for one thought the Starburst ship was strong in this one.

  21. I don't want to studyyyyyyy :(

    1. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      But you have to.

  22. No one should ever under any circumstances play Don't Starve with me

    1. Pathfinder


      Details please. Why is this? :P

    2. DwhitetheGamer


      Are you a cannibal type of player?

    3. Shadow Beam

      Shadow Beam

      Gamin' and not sharin'?


  23. Time to add "sexy History Channel" to the list of phrases that I never thought would come out of my mouth

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    2. Pathfinder


      Well, you know, discussions of WWII, Rome, aliens, doomsday, and governmental conspiracies can only go so far. :P

    3. Eloquence


      Indeed, gotta spice things up somehow :P

    4. Pathfinder


      History can be sexy too! :P

  24. My experience on this forum makes browsing tumblr seem so weird. Now I see people fighting and I'm like "where's the report button?", "Who's going to make a mod post?", "Who's sending out PMs telling people to interact respectfully?"

    1. Spartan


      Tumblr is for the slow witted children who still live in mommy and daddys basement. Here people are a bit more mature.. you've made a good choice in joining :)

    2. Mentis Soliloquy

      Mentis Soliloquy

      Yeah Tumblr is well 'interesting' to say the least but I think it's not a good place that is for sure.

    3. Eloquence


      It's not a bad place really. It's just not a moderated place. In order for a community to be protected it needs to have people and tools in place to protect it, and sites like tumblr, reddit, etc. just don't have that

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