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About Me


I Have Left

Stuff happened. It was bad. I moved on. There was once a long dramatic post here, but it's incredibly irrelevant now so I figured it was high time to clear that out. I hope you're all having fun here, just remember that that's what a forum's about, having fun and bonding over a mutual interest. 


- OC Art Gallery -


This is the art that some of my fellow forumers and friends have made for me of my original characters, on display as a show of thanks to their creators.


Starting with the image I use to represent my ponysona Eloquence in my roleplaying with her. Made by the very talented Moocowing.


Pripyat Pony's design of Eloquence as an Equestria Girl


A gift from Shadow Beam


Also from Shadow Beam. This one is of Ginseng, one of my tea twin OCs.


This one is Chamomile, the other of my tea twins. She of course was also made by Shadow Beam.


My "Birthday Card" from Shadow Beam


Some Halloween-inspired art by Pokekid543. Eloquence, Chamomile, and Ginseng dressed up as their foalhood heroes, the Powerpuff Fillies!


Bunnequence! By Shadow Beam

Credit for my profile header goes to Shadow Beam.

Credit for my avatar goes to Pokekid543.