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  1. Music

    Dubstep is alright, but some of the people that listen to it and usually go around to different genres of electronic music (Progressive House for example) and are like "This is really bad dubstep man no wub" that's when i just smack my head against my desk lol
  2. Welcome to the forums Jrbaca!
  3. Welcome to the forums MasterCombine! enjoy your stay!
  4. probably the time i was walking down the street and this girl came up from behind me and humped my butt... it was really awkward
  5. Welcome to the forums Sorra!
  6. I would just say "hi mom!" lol but in all seriousness I would just say start helping everyone out instead of fighting over everything. What would you say?
  7. So adorable
  8. I want my ashes spread across the top of a mountain with a beautiful view
  9. Gaming

    Fraps is the best
  10. Well if your talking about football all i have to say is work out alot and work on your leg and arm muscle, your gonna need it
  11. Wow, he needs a good kick in the arse
  12. English and i'm teaching myself Basque at the moment