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  1. I teaaase,..It's a great place to go so I understand. XD Aww...I'm sorry...Expect a bug hug from a random short girl wearing nothing but pink at BronyCan. Granted I would've given it to you regardless of hearing that..You look so cuddly in that suit! > u <
  2. Man, why couldn't you guys have picked like..Tim Hortons or something for us 18 year olds? XDD Making me feel out of the loop. :>
  3. I'm going with one of my close pegasister hommies. > u < Once she buys her ticket anyway...^^;
  4. Sorry

    Gaming I need YOUR help...

    This would be such an incredible experience for you wow! I really hope you get chosen and get enough retweets! ^-^ I would retweet it myself if I had twitter. :3
  5. Sorry

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Graduation posts? Don't mind if I do. Too bad it's blurry as poo. XD
  6. Sorry

    Steel Loyalty

    Luckiest girl ever right here~ I still can't believe you made that for me...I must find a way to repay you! <3
  7. Applejack with Rarity's cutie mark, especially after the episode with Trendy Hooves.. X3
  8. I really love Pinkie Pie and Applejack in this..Their colours are just lovely! I still wish McDicks would've made an AJ toy for us AJ fans... D:<
  9. Sorry

    Movies/TV Do you people have a crush on a famous actors?

    Chris Evans. Chris Evans and CHRIS EVANS. <33 He;s just..BEAUTIFUL! <3
  10. Wake up next to Rarity Smile cheekily and hug her "Oh, Rarity, do you know a memory revising spell? I was drunk, and I want to know what we did last night"
  11. Sorry

    Pegasister girlfriend or Brony Boyfriend

    I used to think a normal boyfriend would be okay, but then he told me to stop watching MLP because of the fandom and of how "childish" the show was. He refused to be embarrassed by his girlfriend. I broke up with his ass within two weeks. :3 I definitely prefer having a brony boyfriend, just because it makes things cuter and easier. An accepting boyfriend would be lovely too though.
  12. Sorry

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I was thinking about how to respond to the text I just received- And I just got another response while typing this!
  13. Sorry

    Random Crap You Want To Buy

    Something that will add to my already huge collection of Sulley merch; Because it's so darn cute! <33 Side note; Xbox One is stupid but has good/decent games PS4 is expensive but has good/decent games Wii U has...Err..It's..Ah...Lacking in games.
  14. Sorry

    Have a crush on your OC?

    My OC's are usually spin off's of me or are vaguely similar..I'm not interested in selfcest. ; A ; Though, I do have one cocky male OC, but he's not single. :comeatus: