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  1. Been a while since I had access to this page Obsi. You aren't a forgotten artifact. Hope you are doing well wherever you are. 

  2. Hmmm, Secret of my Excess?... Oh you mean the Fire Ruby scene... Well, im sorry, but... Thats a tweet from M.A. Larson, who wrote the episode, btw. So yeah... So much for that. And in Putting your Hoof Down she actually tried to help Fluttershy to be more confident. She convinced the Nerd Pony to give her the asperagus, made him feel better about himself, and even gave him the money back even though he was more than willing to just give it to her just like that. All in all it was a pretty good deal for that guy. He didnt lose anything, insetad he got the attention of the most gorgeous mare in Equestria... Heck, i would be pretty cool with some stunningly gorgeous women walking up to me, and sweettalking me out of some vegetables, AND giving me the money back. And im pretty sure there is a scene where you could go "RANDOM CHARACTER, YOU JERK" for every mane6. or rather several scenes, seems a bit lacking as a reason to hate somepony. Fluttershy was a jerk to Pinkie, and Rarity, and a bunch of other innocents in Putting your Hoof Down for example... this was probably the most mean spirited thing that ever a mane6 did to somepony... And i didn't hate her for it. Do you hate her for it?
  3. Im pretty sure you also can come up with some examples, because just stating that she is manipulative and a selfish jerk does not really give you any kind of leverage.
  4. No idea what they are doing with her? What is that even supposed to mean? Rarity gets the most mature themes in her episodes constantly, she is THE pony for that. And she had a steady and very visible growth when it comes to the relationship with her sister. How do they know less what they are doing with Rarity than with Fluttershy for example, who constantly has to relearn what she learned in her last episode, and it never sticks. Or what about Pinkie, who constantly gets used for comic relief these days and not much else? Rarity has a much more visible character progression than those two, for example. And how is all that a reason to hate a character? I think the writers dont know what they do with her, so i hate that character? I find Pinkie and Fluttershy annoying sometimes... But that does not make me hate them... i dont even dislike them...
  5. She would not hate you, and i dont hate her. You did nothing wrong and you are not awful, its all my fault, i was frustrated and angry and stupid. im sorry for everything i did and said. Im sorry.
  6. Yes... The fandom has always hated Rarity. And im aware that she used her charms through all seasons, and i never had problems with it, because it is a sign of her using her intelligence and confidence that she puts to use to help the mane6. And i dont have a problem with it this time either. What i have a problem with are people that usually would not care for Spike in the least use him as a means to bash on Rarity even thought she did nothing wrong in this episode. And yes, if you command me i will of course stay out of the fanclub. You can have it all for yourself.
  7. Does not matter what i think, the fandom will twist everything she does to make her look as vile as they think she is... Always has been like that... Always will be.
  8. And with that they ruined the season for Rarity, like i told from the beginning.
  9. Hope Rarity gets at least one episode this season, doubt it will happen though. Lets see how much they butcher her this year and prepare for the hatestorm that will sweep over the fanclub soon.
  10. Her mane is just so lovely and pretty! Hmmm... Correct me if i am wrong, but as far as i know she is the only pony with a gradient in her mane. And she even has it when her hair is wet, or when she is all natural, like in Simple ways. That just shows how unique her magnificent head of hair is, just like Rarity herself... Special in every way... Alluring and luxurious... Her mane is just the most gorgeous aurora borealis of enchanting lavender hues! Oh those silken, perfect curls of the deepest, richest and most precious purple! I want to gently run my fingers thorugh her velvet mane. Pet her sweet, little head, cover it in kisses... Oh Rarity... So perfect in so many different ways...
  11. Ooooooh! Thats a great site! Didnt even know something like this existed! I made my own one... https://gifsound.com/?gif=https://derpicdn.net/img/2012/11/19/156954/medium.gif&v=_ElORM9O-0U&s=37 And now to something completely different! As strange as it may sound, but even Rarity, whose creativity knows no bounds, sometimes has an artists block. Luckily for the world and all the ponies in it, such a phase never lasts long, for Raritys brilliant mind will soon find another inspiration to fuel her passionate and generous work. Seriously, can you imagine how dreary Ponyville would look without her? I am convinced that the biggest reason that little town looks so lovely and appealing is because of her decoration work, It makes sense, seeing how much she tends to bring herself in when it comes to different festivities, like Winter Wrap Up, or when she beautified the townhall in the very first episode.
  12. Rarity is a character that is beautiful in every way, may it be physically or from a character standpoint. Rarity cares a lot about her physical appearance and wants to be in the spotlight, but at the same time she also wants the same to be true for every other pony. She creates things of pure beauty with her limitless imagination and creativity, and instead of hoarding what she herself desires, she shares it. She makes other ponies feel special and fabulous, even though she could focus the fruits of her art on only herself, she choses not to, because making others shine in the spotlight is something she loves. She does want her place at the limelight too, but she wants to share it with everyone. Share it with her friends... With the whole world. Make the whole world more gorgeous. Its that limitless passion and drive to make others happy, let them shine, that lets her work beyond her physical boundaries. She shares a lot with Pinkie actually, as both make other ponies happy, just in different ways... Pinkie and Rarity have more in common than one can see at first. And like Pinkie would never throw a inferiour or half hearted party, Rarity would never deliver a hastly sewn together dress made from shoddy material. Its a matter of pride on the one hand, for she is very proud of her handiwork, rightfully so, but also a matter of wanting the best for others. She works herself to be bones... Sheds blood, sweat and tears. Thats a sign of her generosity. She wants the very best for others... Make them feel like a prince or princess even though it might cause herself discomfort or harm, and it actually did very often in the past, like in Suited for Success for example, or Green isnt your Colours. Yet Rarity does not hold grudges, even though she had reason to on occasion. She could have been angry at the mane6 in Suited for Success, yet she blamed herself. She was able to forgive Blueblood for his uncouth behavior and even baptised his airship. She was forgiving of Sweetie Belle when she printed her diary in the newspaper, and was the only one to explain to them what they actually did wrong, instead of shunning them. She is just an incredibly forgiving and sweet pony. Yet, even thought she is caring and lovely, she is also brave and strong. She, who is a delicate and somewhat sheltered fashion designer, was the first one in line to kick a full grown manticore in the face. She roundhouse kicked Applejack, one of the physically strongest of the mane6 into submission when she was discorded. She kicked flank against the changeling hordes like all of the ponies, not scared to chip her hooves in the slighest. If something needs to be done, she is not scared to get her hooves dirty, and that weights even more than for example Rainbow or Apples, because Rarity has a really crippling fear of dirt. If some evildoer need a good thrashing, she will not hestitate. But her physical capabilities are not all weapons she commands over, she is also incredibly cunning and smart. She easily saw the biggest weakness of the diamond dogs and exploited it, and when the rest of the mane6 tore through the ranks of the mutts with force, she already had them feeding out of her hoof the whole time. She was generous at first to actually search gems for them, but when they made clear that they were to treat her like a slave and not let her go again, she used her wit. And that quite successful! much more than she could have accomplished with punches! Her intelligence can also be seen in how successful her business is, for she had to build up all she accomplished by now all alone. She did not have help of the rest of her familiy like Applejack, or did not grow up in a advantageous environment in Canterlot like Twilight. Yet she managed to become one of the most famous designers in all of Equestria despite her youth and inexperience. She just knows how to handle ponies and business! But even though she had no help from her familiy when building her fashion empire, she dearly loves her parents and her little sister, as difficult as they may be sometimes. She has nothing but sisterly love for Sweetie Belle, and had so already in the past, like Sweete Belle Toils showed. She threw herself in the mud for her, and even though their relationship is sometimes a bumpy road, they will always travel it together, and will catch each other if one stumbles. Rarity is very forgiving and generous when it comes to her little Belle, quick to forgive her misdeeds, and its the same the other way around. Even though she has many virtues, Rarity also has her flaws. And these flaws make her the realistic and rounded character she is, for without flaws a character would be boring. Some people might see her as selfish, but i disagree strongly. Rarity is not selfish or greedy, but she can be rather self centered, which is not the same at all. She sometimes forgets that the things she enjoys and loves are not automatically the things others might enjoy, and even though she has the best intentions, some might not like the spa as much as she does. She can also come across as uncaring to some, but she is a very caring pony and shows that she is though her sacrifices and her gifts. Its just that sometimes she flat out fails to notice certain things, like for example that she sometimes fails to notice Spikes struggle to impress her, even though she cares for him greatly, and showed that she does a lot. That does not happen out of malice, but sometimes she just does not notice because she is busy with other things, is in an creative surge for example. When Rarity is focused like that, i imagine it like a trance, the one thing she has her mind focused on is overwhelming at the moment, and all other things have a hard time of keeping up it. She is just an artist, and like many of them she has her eccentricities. All in all, her virtues are much more prelevant than her flaws. She is a sweet and generous, beautiful and caring pony. Full of passion for her art, her friends. Passion for love and life. She is a great rolemodel, and a pony that everyone would be happy to have as a friend. She is complex and realistic. Flawless in her flawedness. A pony that sometimes errs, but will always go to great lengths to make up for it.
  13. I hope these special thoughts would result in something like this... That would just be the most lovely thing... To just imagine to be betrothed to the sweet, lovely and gorgeous lady Rarity. To be married to the most amazing and perfect mare that is, and will ever be... Caring, smart, generous, stong, confident, inspired, elegant and full of beauty in heart and body... To imagine to be asked by the ceremony master if i would want to be hers forever and ever... Of course i would say... We would then ride in a white carriage to our honeymoon, where i would fulfill my sweet Raritys every wish, serve her, worship her... Just as she deserves, just because she is she... Just because she is Rarity... My beloved Rarity.