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  1. I used to really enjoy nostalgia...

    1. Prince Midnight

      Prince Midnight

      then you took a world to the face?

  2. Dont know what to do today...

  3. A progressive Muslim... Now that's something I don't see very often... I don't get why people who so obviously hate a particular country decide to go live there.
  4. I fly down, pick the top of the hill up and put it down on a cloud in the stratosphere using my epic Pegasus powers. My hill now...
  5. Lets make and discuss jokes based on this age old conundrum! Starting it off: If Fluttershy falls over in the forest while nobody is around, does she make a noise? If a mime falls over in the forest when nobody is around, does anyone care?
  6. I use ABP but have exceptions for sited like MLPForums. I also use greasemonkey for word replacement.
  7. I have an irrational fear of short heights.
  8. Ten Thousand Fists in my pants... Oh dear Luna no...
  9. Poet Ten x ... Pinkazoid. I don't know enough about people to play this game, though ill give it a shot anyway.
  10. Granted. It is replaced by another level of school that's even worse. I wish I was a Pegasus.
  11. Good to see this was resolved in less than a day. It makes me mad when this kind of thing happens. Nice to see they emailed the site... you know, instead of YOU like someone who was actually genuine would. EDIT: Zombieking... Dat Bass Cannon Wallpaper... is now on my desktop...