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  1. Sinner Spark, Clay Faith, and Star Haze respectively. These ocs are a part of an animated spinoff in progress called Hey, Little Pony! Absolute Emotion http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2013/315/2/4/sinner_spark_concept_by_iyogata-d6tyiil.png http://th06.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2014/057/3/d/clay_faith_concept_by_iyogata-d7823wv.png http://th07.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2014/060/5/f/star_haze_concept_by_iyogata-d785bhg.png I want clay faith and sinner spark's hair to be different but i'm not sure which direction to go in. Sinner Spark is a clumsy mischievous pony that seems to do everything right in the wrong way, Clay Faith is a strong, kind and lighthearted pony that settles fights, and Star Haze, besides her fear of being alone is fearless and sensitive. She'll remember anything you say to her. I need backstory for clay faith and star haze though
  2. I've actually had my eyes on JanAnimations for a project I'm working on that will be free of any copyright hasbro feels they can throw at me. It is still a pony project, but it's not technically MLP. Shadyvox would be a neat voice actor for it as well plus I'd be happy to create another version of the CmC for them to continue BA if they want.
  3. Nobody's seen my stuff yet? Ah well. I guess I can say that I'm tired, and most definitely should not be up right now.

  4. Heyyo thanks, I don't seem to be getting much traffic on my post about my fan thing though.
  5. Oh yeah, That's totally the case with two of my OCs.
  6. That'd be good. I need actual drawings of my OCs instead of using pony maker for the majority of it.
  7. well you know, it just takes some getting used to a la Princess Luna.
  8. The royalest of royal guards, right?
  9. Could you tell me about this oc of yours?
  10. What's your profile picture all about; the samurai dash thing?
  11. Oh, oh I think it might be how colorful it is. I seem to like colorful things a lot despite being color blind. Cute things too.
  12. Ooh yeah. I wonder what exactly makes this show so appealing though, besides the obvious qualities.
  13. I guess I could call this a spinoff. Depending on how Season 4 of Friendship is Magic ends, I may wind up making Absolute Emotion a Prequel to FiM. Hey, Little Pony!: Absolute Emotion is an animated spinoff in hopes to achieve a more mature version of Friendship is Magic, which shows the viewer the values of a relationship, and morals on more of an advanced, more mature level while maintaining an interesting plot. The plot revolves around an eternal war over what ponies values, emotions, and passions are. To settle the war, the five embodiments of the purest passions attempt and show the world to work together to accomplish their goals. However, one individual who has lost everything meaningful to them has the power of the planet's rage dwelling inside of him, and wishes to lay waste to a land that cares about nothing but war. The five passions set out on a quest to find out what they're missing in life. I have a bit more stuff on a deviantART page (http://iyogata.deviantart.com/gallery) I'm super passionate (Pun TOTALLY intended,) about getting this finished, It's been in the works for almost two years, and I'm still nowhere close to being finished. The way this started was really weird. I'd a pony drawn for me that was based off of an avatar maker system, I wound up liking her a lot, and I started to make her more of a character. She started out as a rad vampire hunter pegasus, all inspired by Castlevania, which brought her name to mind; Moon Aria, a combination of names from CV: Circle of the Moon and CV: Aria of Sorrow. She then became a beast hunter/pest control pegasus in Equestria, then a fighter, and then a wing buff. That wing buff became a huge part of her personality. Then my friend comes along and introduces me to his own OC, named Sinner Spark. His initial concept was a bit crazy and dark, as he was a pyromaniac discord-worshipping solid red and black pegasus with burned off wings. As you might think, that's a bad design choice now isn't it? I'd helped him make his OC and toned it down a bunch, so now he's just a clumsy cowardly gray coated, black maned, orange eyed pegasus that seems to get very lucky at times. We then thought we could make something out of this, and then Absolute Emotion spawned. It's been amazing to work with this ever since. EDIT: How do you guys like my rip-off-copyright-evasion-name?