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  1. Gernia

    Something you can't stand the smell of?

    I can't stand the smell of urine, even my own. It makes me gag sometimes.
  2. I told my mom and she was surprised about it, but also wasn't judgemental. I told a future fraternity brother about it and he said he did not understand what I was talking about. He wasn't rude about it, but I guess he didn't know anything about MLP.
  3. Always ketchup over mayonnaise. Gravy is pretty good, too, especially Dairy Queen's gravy.
  4. Merry Birthiversary!

  5. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  6. Gernia

    What Do You Like About The Above User's Avatar?

    It's something anime-related.
  7. I've enjoyed the first two Splinter Cell games on PS2, but they both have checkpoints. You can't just save whenever you want to, which I know the third one allows. You have to be very good with your sneaking and your decisions until you get to a checkpoint or save point. I believe there's a certain PC version that allows a quicksave, but yeah I'm annoyed at the inability to do it. I know the PS2 port of the original Deus Ex allows you to save whenever you want to, so I'm not sure why the developers wouldn't put that in.
  8. I think the point about losing creativity and freshness is a big factor, which has already been explained and so I can't really add anything new to that. But yeah, stagnation can hurt. One must do something at least a little new and adapt, maybe an experiment to shake things up or make progress. However, I believe another reason why something can go downhill is when the directors and creators lose sight of what attracts people to their series in the first place. They may experiment too much or just remove far too many things that people liked before and make some changes that leave the fans feeling alienated and/or insulted. Salvaging the fans and keeping them happy is highly important IMO. I've seen that happen where the creators don't seem to care about the fans and may want to appeal to a new, wider audience, but I think when you do that, you end up losing the audience, and quality. The fans leave and potential new fans don't really show up in numbers to compensate for the loss of previous fans. I think there's a delicate balance between trying to be fresh and new while still keeping what people like and enjoy.
  9. I'd pay off my student loans and probably my sisters' loans as well. Not sure what I'd do next, except to save a big chunk of money for many years later.
  10. Gernia

    The Geography Game

  11. Gernia

    The Geography Game

    Nice (France)
  12. Gernia

    Answer the above trivia question incorrectly

    98.4 Degrees Celsius. In what sport does a "scrum" occur?
  13. Gernia

    General Have you ever been to a wedding?

    I think I've been to five in my lifetime. Last time was a couple years ago where I went to my sister's wedding. It was nice since we didn't have to travel at all, the wedding was in a city near me. I've had fun at weddings with dancing and even catching up with family and friends.
  14. Gernia

    Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word

  15. Gernia

    Say something totally random!

    My profit plan: Step 1: Steal underpants Step 2: ? Step 3: Profit