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  1. If I can read and understand this then I have had enough internet
  2. That is one from panama. No company makes it only locals. But I do have this sog that seems decent.
  3. The Gerber is pretty nice. I have had it for about 10 years or so and no loose parts nor rust. I have cut the tip of my finger off (the pad) and didn't notice until I looked at the carpeting I had to cut and wondered why the carpet was a little red. Then the pain came. I was probably 16? Its sturdy and will do what you want (So long as you aren't being stupid) Other pictures Im not dragging my knives out and taking a new picture because I would have to get them out of various pockets in jackets, bags, cars etc. So old pictures with other crap in them. I also have a SOG machete
  4. Just a few. Some are around 100 years old some 50 and others are new. I have more than this though.
  5. Egg Tabasco sauce Maybe bread. Chicken/beef bulion cube Done.
  6. Razor (1st gen) Galaxy (1st gen) IPhone 3g HTC one x
  7. In my car in a Borders parking lot at 8 AM after getting off graveyard shift. Got my ID ran by an officer too. I was also detained.
  8. I work at a pharmacy... I have this moment daily... Any and every time some "swag" kid does something illegal or stupid and gets punished for it the bitches about it. Actually any time I see a "swag" person... form personal experience (almost daily) they are an extremely ignorant bunch.
  9. You can say that about any political party in any part of the world. But ok we can only say conservatives. Grew up in small town, big towns and big cities and extremly small towns and even a small house in a field. It's small and everybody generally knows everybody (aka everybody knows about each other's problems and gossip gets around) festivals/carnivals are big things and matter allot in small towns and they can plan months in advance. Sometimes a full year. Few places to hang out at other than the school, some eatery/dinner type place or a gas station prone of the few shops etc. Less crime in general because everybody knows everybody. If you can't live a simple life then you will have a hard time. You may even have to work harder than you normally ever would in a city and have to actually learn common sence kind of stuff. Emegency services arriving in a timely fashion? Good luck with that. Afraid of guns+ get used to it. Try not to let sterotypes get to you because it can be fun too. Good memories you can't get just anywhere
  10. Only because I made them. Back in 2006-2008 http://deathstarpluto.ytmnd.com/ http://karmaissinistar.ytmnd.com/ http://khaaaannnwrite.ytmnd.com/ Turn down sound http://objected.ytmnd.com/
  11. Its neither. Its an emotion and or an expression of pain. If you can't cry then there is something wrong with you. I often repress my emotions and hardships from family and friends. I sit and listen to others but my own I wont bother others with. I eventually forget about them or they just plain stop bothering me. I may "cry" (I get teary eyed) when watching a good movie or watching a movie or playing a game but that's about it.
  12. I'll stick to driving a Chrysler product (jeep) They tend to you know drive in snow and don't require roads. They also survive impacts better I had a landrover... 03 freelander. It had serious problems. It ate the throttle body and some how broke the intake too among other problems. Sold it for a jeep and never looked back
  13. I have a Spacebook... I normally use it to kind of troll illogical people and keep up with current politics