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  1. I've been playing Super Smash Bros 4 (3DS) the whole day. I'm finally starting to remember how to play the game I also noticed that I really like Robin his/her playstyle, so I think I have also found my main. SSB for life!
  2. I'm also unemployed atm. I quit my school a few months ago, and I'm currently educating myself so that I can start my next education with the right amount of knowledge (I haven't had any math in a LOOOONG time, so I'm currently working on that :S). I'm casually looking for a temporary job, but tbh... I prefer to do teach myself those basic skills that I need. I will start with school in a little bit longer that half a year. In the meantime I AM going to do voluntary work. One of the things I'm really looking forward to is to educate people abou the whole "basic income" idea... That would also allow me to follow the education I actually WANT to do. Yet, I have to say that I'm enjoying my free time atm. I finally have the oppertunity to put some time into my hobbies, so I don't really feel all to bad. I also used this time to quit smoking, so I guess that is cool Anyway, quitting school was the best choice I've made in a long time, for a multitude of reasons.
  3. Yup, I have a high functioning form of autism. Known it since I was 11... I don't mind It brings it's own share of problems, but it also brings plenty of perks.
  4. I only read a bit on the first page, but why is everyone talking about mainstream music? Modern music =/= Mainstream... Mainstream is just what is popular right now (Due to marketing, mainly). There are LOADS of good modern bands and genres. For instance, I found a lot very good metalcore bands lately. Also, my favourite "band", even though they started in the late 90's, is still making many albums... and every time their new album is in a completely new (often modern) style. Plenty of good music in this era. You just need to go and look for it (most people won't and that makes me sad. If more people did, I'm certain that our current pop genre will decline heavily). This is just my input, though.
  5. Yes. Simply because a lot of people believe in god, doesn't mean it isn't believing in the supernatural In the end, God is everything from what we see in our daily lives, nor is it something that we can explain with our current knowledge of science. (Also, the holy trinity names "The holy ghost" so yeah)
  6. I don't really believe in the word "Paranormal". Paranormal means that it isn't natural, and thus that it doesn't exist. So even if ghosts are real, they will be "normal". Anyway, enough of me being a smart-ass (Sorry for that ) I don't really believe in the so called "Paranormal" but I'm also not denying it's possibility. However, I do believe that people should be aware that the truly awesome and big stuff will MOST CERTAINLY be different from what people think they are.
  7. Oeh, nice topic Well, the strangest dream I have ever had was also the most scary and fucked up dream I ever had. So, the dream was something that I think was called a "Wake Up" loop or something along those lines. The thing was... I was just dreaming, usually something pretty normal. Suddenly it turned into a nightmare, and I "woke up"... That is, I woke up in a dream. This happened over and over again, for I don't know how long. Now, besides the fact that all of the dreams I had in that time turned into nightmares, there is one thing that I will NEVER forget... Each time I woke up, there where a group of faceless mannequin like dolls lying on top of me :S That was SO FREAKING ISNANE! And yeah, the moment I woke up for real, it took me a while to actually believe that I woke up. Stuff like that is some pretty scary shit.
  8. I didn't choose any. Maybe I would get Twilight, but that's just to meet her xD But in all seriousness, it depend on the friend. I have 2 people I consider my bestest friends. The first one is a brony, just like me. I would just ask him what he wants me to do. The second one despises ponies (he isn't an anti-brony though), so I would most likely laugh my ass off xD
  9. And this is why I love nintendo. Great input you gave there. I also think that the whole "not safe for children thing" is a bit... Motherly xD Children aren't made out of glass and chances are they won't even notice the majority of the "darkness" the games bring.
  10. Great reply's y'all. The games are, indeed, still very kid friendly and far from Fallout 1 type of serious (to just name a game), but it is most certainly getting more and more deep. I must say that I never finished D/P and B/W and I never owned B2/W2. Still thinking of completing them, though, seen the fact I heard a lot of interesting stuff about B/W. Thanks for all the input, keep em coming
  11. Seen the fact I have just completed the Pokemon oras delta episode, I have to say Zinnia. She's crazy, funny and pretty deep as well. Yet, I'm not really into waifu's that much anymore, but I will list a couple that still seem to grab my interest from time to time. Pony related: Twilight and Fluttershy. I also love Etna from the Disgaea franchise I have a thing for Rosalina (Mario) And let's not forget Bridget from Guilty Gear (I don't give a damn that it's a trap!) And finally I must say that gotta love Edna from Edna & Harvey
  12. So, I have been away from the forums for a bit, because reasons aaaand I decided to come back, because I wanted to ask you guys this thing. As most of you will prabably be aware of, pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Saphire have been out for some time now. I totally love the game... I'ts my favourite gen with all the advances and awesomeness that gen 6 brings to the table. Now, seen the fact I have played gen 6 and as I have completed ORAS today, there is a little something that I noticed... The story is getting darker and more serious, or at least that is how I experience it. Without spoiling anything for anyone I will leave the details out, but as it seems... both X and Y and the ORAS delta episode seemed to bring up a lot of pretty grim topics, mainly: Mass death, sacrifice and even a form of genocide (X&Y). The characters in the story also get more and more character development (even though it still isn't that much). So, are there more people who think this, or am I over analyzing the games? Anyway, I think it would make a good conversation topic.
  13. Yeah, both is a good answer as well. However, forcing people to choose is more fun, because it is more difficult (Both games are super awesome).
  14. It most certainly affects the viewer. Not just series and movies do that, though. The biggest "Changer of Minds" on TV is the news. No, I'm going to rant about how evil modern media is (It's a mixed bag, just like verything else) but it DOES affect the minds of people directly or indirectly. Cartoons, series and movies also affect the way people think. The thing is, it doesn't affect people the way some extremist anti-TV/Games/Wack-da-Mole people think. Series and stuff are forms of art (Either good or bad) and art is subject to free interpretation. What effect it has on a person differs from person to person, depending on the way that person thinks. If a story is fictional or not also differs how people interpret it. Some people will take TV more serious than other people, but it does influance the way you think in one way or another. Humans are a very reflective species afterall.
  15. Okey, so... These games. Lots of people love them, some people hate them (Because they didn't play them, lol). Anyhow, we all know that both games have huge fan bases. Both games also have comparable gameplay. So, the question is obvious. What side are you on and why? Personally I prefer Majora's Mask. I love the story and the dark setting. The transformation masks are also a great + imho (I can finally play as a zora!). The time travel mechanic is well implemented and this allows you to replay your favourite quests as you please (Or take on bosses with your new equipment). All in all I prefer the Majora's Mask game more because of all of the reasons I named. I do respect and love Ocarina of Time as well, but I just think that Majora's Mask has more to offer.