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  1. Ladies and gentleponies i am sorry for my lack of activity. school has been keeping me very busy lately. i apologize

  2. I haven't been on here in a while...

  3. parents are so annoying sometimes D:

    1. Star-Gazer


      I feel ya here, brother.

  4. Its very well done!!! I really like the eye style!
  5. I would eat some cheez-its as to say this execution style is too cheesy
  6. So bronycon

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    2. Star-Gazer


      When I get there, I'm gonna go... "Alright, who's ready to have some FUN?!"


      "Fun, fun fun, funny fun fun!" From all the Bronies... Mwahahaha...


    3. Archer Dash

      Archer Dash

      Heh, I'm not able to go to cons. XP

    4. flameflare


      XD that sounds fantastic star-gazer

  7. Hey! Welcome to the magical place of the MLP forums!!
  8. Pulling an all nighter....fun!

    1. Colorful Respawn

      Colorful Respawn

      I did that at a friends sleep over on time...was super tired in the morning though

    2. Star-Gazer


      We're in the same boat, brotha. :3

  9. pm me your steam everypony! i would love to play team fortress 2 or dota 2 with you ponies sometime!

  10. Just got a new haircut. Feeling as fresh as Rainbowdash

    1. Archer Dash

      Archer Dash

      Feeling fresh like Old Spice.

  11. Finally I can get back to drawing now! :D

    1. Archer Dash

      Archer Dash

      I need to start back up on drawing as well...

  12. Earth ponies, Pegasus, or unicorn?

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    2. Creamy Arty

      Creamy Arty

      Unicorn master race.

    3. Star-Gazer


      Pegasusususususes all da way. :3

    4. Renton


      unicorns are where its at so i hear