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  1. Two reasons: 1. The decision to include Starlight Glimmer as a recurring character in the series was only made as they started scripting season 6. By then the movie's voicing had been recorded and so the script was pretty much set. 2. According to at least one writer, Starlight Glimmer wasn't supposed to be a recurring character in the series in the first place. It was supposed to be Sunset Shimmer. The third Equestria Girls movie was originally slated to be the last, at which point Sunset was to return to Equestria, but the powers that be at Hasbro decided Equestria Girls as a spinoff was doing well enough that they did a fourth movie and are now doing a series.
  2. @Randimaxis Applejack found her cheeks staying remarkably warm over a longer time than she had in a while, first at Groovi's description of the feelings brought back by her memories, which she had to admit were spot on, then by her assessment of Applejack's place in the hearts and minds of others in Ponyville. She truthfully never knew what to think of that. She was well aware of it, of course. The reminders were constant. But Applejack had a hard time thinking of herself as anything but Applejack the farmer, when others saw her as Applejack the hero. Placing her last basket, she sighed and shook her head. "Yeah, I know what ponies think about me. I mean, I'm happy if just havin' me around boosts morale, an' all, but really, I don't know what to make of it all." Returning to the surface, she wiped her brow with her fetlock and sat down. "Honestly, I never think of myself as bein' anything special. It's just so weird to me. I'm glad I could help Twilight help Equestria, but I don't think I did anything any other pony wouldn't have done if they were in my place." Finally getting the hang of Groovi's way of speaking, she added, "Well, I'd like to get another cartload underground before sundown, but I get yer meanin'. We can take a break for a bit." She got up from where she had sat just long enough to take her into the shade of the nearest tree, waving to Groovi to join her, then sat down again. "And, I sure wouldn't mind if you decide to come back again another day. You've been a great help, and I think I can rustle up enough Zap Apple Jam for an honest day's work."
  3. All right. I'll let you take the lead on where things go for the time being, then.
  4. @PathfinderCS Your go. also, was there anything in particular you wanted to bring up or shall we get these two out of there? Or let them suffer a good long time?
  5. @PathfinderCS Applejack nodded. "Yeah, poor Twilight practically had a riot happen in her dining room. It was not a pretty sight at all." she said, still shuddering at the thought after all this time. "Thing is, you never seem to know what's going to set them off, and by the time you do, well, you're picking up the pieces by then." She took another deep breath, putting aside her blanket now that the heat of the day was beginning to be felt. "Luckily, Pinkie Pie turned out to be quite the negotiator." Applejack turned to look back out the hole in the hull. She'd tried her best to keep her spirits up all this time and stay optimistic, but a sigh escaped her lips.
  6. Keep in mind, the fans who might not like Starlight's inclusion because she hasn't faced justice are often the same ones that would argue against the same justice being applied to Trixie just because they like her. And Trixie was a lot more malicious in some instances. My take away from all this is that despite the existence of a magical super-max prison like Tartarus, Equestrian Justice is really, really weak.
  7. It was, perhaps, not cinema at its finest (and would have been up against Pixar's Coco) but it should have been sent for consideration anyway. Sia might have liked a best song nod.
  8. A system like this would be even more open to abuse by staff.
  9. I just realized something. They named the movie baddie Tempest Shadow. Another word for Tempest is Storm.

    Friendship is half the battle. Yo, Joe!

    1. Ivan The Adorable

      Ivan The Adorable

      I keep missing these extremely obvious name meanings.

      Like, it took me till Season 5 to realize that Trixie is name Trixie because she was supposed to be "Tricksy"

    2. A.V.


      And S7's villain was The Pony Of Shadows.



  10. Yes, and sarcasm totally assuages my concerns.
  11. Unforunately, this sounds like another opportunity for cronyism to me.
  12. @Randimaxis Applejack just smirked and shook her head as her cheeks turned a deeper red than before. One of these days she'd learn the line between being honest and giving out too much information, but not yet apparently. "Well, it's not really much of a crush." she finally admitted. "All that happened was this stallion from out of town came to my cart in the market one time. I mean, sure, he was easy to look at, and all, and he had trees for a cutie mark, so that got me interested, too. But it was just the one time I saw him and besides, it looked like he already had a filly friend." With a heave and a heavy breath of air, she hefted another basket onto the shelf. "But, I'd be lyin' if I said I didn't think back on it." Applejack wasn't quite sure what a "hep cat" was, but the way Groovi said it with a smile on her face led her to believe it couldn't be a bad thing. "I'll definitely make sure you and Apple Bloom get the chance to have a chat. I'm sure she'd be happier than a pig in a blanket!" Even Applejack had to admit her younger sister had a way with other ponies like few others. If she could have formed a bond over one holiday with a pony like Pinkie Pie's sister, she could do it with anypony, so Applejack felt sure she and Groovi would get along great.
  13. Finally saw the movie. Predictable plot but fun and visually stunning.

    1. Kyoshi


      My thoughts exactly. Glad you enjoyed it. :) I quite liked it as well.