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  1. Red Cedar

    Do you go to church?

    The only times I go into a church is if a friend or family member is having some sort of major life event occur in a church. Last time I set foot in a church was the funeral of a friend's father. Otherwise, being an atheist, I don't go.
  2. They're wearing underwear. Specially designed ginch that matches their coat colour exactly without risking any sudden immodesty by a carelessly swished tail in the middle of important social gatherings. Ginch. Pony ginch.
  3. Red Cedar

    Season 7 DVD FINALLY relasing this October!

    Well, last year Season 6 didn't come out until Season 7 was done, so I guess this is an improvement. Getting there, perhaps, but I still prefer having my media on some sort of disc rather than on some other type of storage. I've had too many instances of it going "poof" in the past for me not to want a physical copy.
  4. Red Cedar

    A wild G4 Megan appeared

    No doubt about who that is. I'm surprised they didn't try to slip that in sooner.
  5. Meh. I should know better.

  6. Seems to take the roleplayer out of the equation. I liked being recognized as the roleplayer of Applejack. Now it's near-anonymous.
  7. 1. Posts per week. 2. That's unfortunate. It will discourage some. 3. Both.
  8. Over 15000 profile views. Seriously, why?

  9. Well, I gave my two cents' worth on EqE roleplay over a year ago, but to reiterate: 1. Lift the minimum posting requirement for cast characters. It's supposed to be fun, not a chore. 2. Allow more than one person to play a cast character at a time. 3. Drop the requirement for a picture of a character when applying.
  10. Red Cedar

    What weapon do you sleep with?

    My longsword stands in the corner of my room, two feet from my head and uneasy reach.
  11. Staff that don't treat users like peasants. Nothing kills a forum quicker for me.
  12. A western redcedar, of course. Or an oak.
  13. Red Cedar

    News Boy Scouts Of America No Longer Just For Boys

    Scouts Canada did this over twenty years ago. About time they joined the 21st Century.