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  1. Applejack should have dropped it on Twilight after they were thrown out of the sea pony kingdom. "Really, Twilight, stealing? What the f@&# were you thinkin'?"
  2. I was at the Vanhoover convention in line for autographs with my daughter when someone said Diamond Tiara's voice actress had died. We all freaked out but found out Chantal Strand was fine. Turns out it was accurate after all. Very sad.

  3. There's something wrong with my profile.

  4. I admit, I've thought about it a lot more since I started watching MLP, and found out my home city (Vancouver) is a major hub for voice acting in North America.
  5. Vanhoover in a week! Yes!

  6. I didn't think it was possible to come up with an idea that would make high school even less appealing to me than it actually was, but, here we are.
  7. Happy Hearth's Warming, everypony!

    1. Blivy


      Still the day before here!

  8. You burn a book, you are a barbarian. Full stop. And you can never regain any claim to being a civilized human being again afterwards. Book burners are barbarians.
  9. I drive properly. I'm a driving instructor.
  10. Many male athletes do, for reasons ranging from aesthetics to physics, and I have yet to hear of any harms coming from it.
    1. Blivy


      Long time no see! Hows it going?

    2. Red Cedar

      Red Cedar

      Not bad. Fan time has been scarce, though. You?

    3. Blivy


      I'm tired! 

  11. If you go to York in the United Kingdom, take the tour there. Numerous scary stories and supposed sightings in that city.
  12. Soon, as all good things do, the story will come to an end. The magic doesn't have to, though. One day, a small child will find treasures from our past. They will ask "Gran, what's a Blu-Ray?" And after much cobbling together of technologies new and old, they will watch a journey unfold. A young unicorn named Twilight Sparkle will be told by her mentor "Make some friends!" A pink pony will speak way too quickly, a yellow pegasus hardly at all. Rainbow Dash will realize her dream and Applejack will keep them down to earth. Somewhere else, Lyra and BonBon will share a smile as only best friends can, and a little grey pegasus just won't know what went wrong. And once more, the old wonder shared will be new again.

  13. Merry Birthiversary! 

  14. Happy b-day, tree Pony! :balloon: