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  1. Going on vacation. Back in early August.
  2. @Derplight Sperkle Your go.
  3. @Randimaxis Applejack's smile returned as it seemed that her terrible turn of phrase didn't raise as big a stink as its namesake. She paused as she watched Groovi take on another tree, just to make sure she kept her form correct in order to keep herself from getting injured, when the apple decided not to fall too far from itself and struck her on her hat. Applejack smiled a little, since it wasn't like she hadn't been hit with plenty of apples in her time. "That's a hazard of the job, I'm afraid," She said. "'Course, that's why I wear the hat. Y'all might want to take a look up before you decide which side to kick." Applejack then trotted over to the next tree, spreading around baskets underneath, taking the time to check which spot would mean the least risk of getting struck by wayward falling fruit. "Well, yeah, it's in my blood, all right. Granny would joke our blood's half cider," she said with a chuckle. "But I can't honestly say I'm the one in charge. Granny still owns the farm and my siblings and I divide up the work pretty evenly." Turning her back to the tree, she then reared up and unleashed another strike against its trunk, loosening a rain of apples, including one that bounced off her flank and into a nearby basket. "Heh, two points!" she said with a grin.
  4. Remember when we were excited when we had all of the Mane 6 being played? Now we have six cast players total. Sad to see Celestia go. I enjoyed playing off her in one of our RPs.
  5. @Randimaxis @Derplight Sperkle Applejack looked like she couldn't believe her ears. "So, let me see if I got this right. Y'all think you're not as unpredictable as you used to be and you need our help to become even less predictable than you ever were even though neither of us could predict that you'd ask us to help you be less predictable when we already figured you were the least predictable person we knew?" She took a deep breath as Twilight agreed. "And y'all are okay with this? How do we know this isn't already something unpredictable as ever?"
  6. @PathfinderCS Applejack awoke with a start again as she realized not only that she had fallen asleep again, but that it must have been for quite a long time, as there was the hint of light visible out of the hole in the hull now. Quickly, she looked over at Trixie, and breathed a sigh of relief as it appeared she was still breathing herself, and that the bump on her head wasn't more serious than first thought. She allowed herself a deep breath to calm herself down, then sat up carefully, not trying to jolt her sore and now very stiff shoulder any further. She wrapped the blanket around herself in the chilly desert morning air and waited for Trixie to wake up herself.
  7. And now I'm the longest running cast character player. I must be insane. @Skycoaster Sad to see you go.
  8. I need to rethink my involvement in a fandom when all my milestones in it are times I was screwed over.

  9. The movie's success will not hinge on Korea, so if this is an issue there I'd say it is up to the Korean people to lobby their government over any censorship.
  10. It might, since some parents who simply glazed over their children's viewing of the show will now have to sit and watch it with them when they go to the theatre, but I wouldn't expect large numbers.