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  1. Okay, I have no idea how this thought came into my head, but it's been there for a while, and since this forum has a fairly large sampling from a number of countries around the world, I thought I would ask this of you all: Other than your country's national holiday, which holiday that your country celebrates widely best defines or is most emblematic of your country and why? It could be any holiday at all, whether religious or secular, whether celebrated in many places around the world or if it's really meaningful only to your country, but what holiday is most essentially unique or uniquely celebrated by your country? Why, yes, of course I'll go first. I'm Canadian, and I think the most uniquely Canadian holiday would be Victoria Day, celebrated on the Monday of or before May 24th. Originally, it was celebrated to commemorate the birthday of the British monarch that granted Canada its independence (after we asked politely). Since then, however, it is celebrated as a turning point in the year. It's seen as the unofficial start of Summer in Canada, a long weekend of first barbecues, first camping trips and other outdoor activities to mark the end of another seemingly endless and harsh Canadian winter. So, how about everyone else?
  2. Red Cedar

    General Which holiday defines your country best?

    Not weird. There's a large Ukrainian population here in Canada that celebrates Malanka.
  3. Link to OOC thread. @ The heat in Saddle Arabia was something else. It was much more than Applejack was used to, even working during the height of summer, but it wasn't enough to bring her down. Ever since Equestria had been in talks with Saddle Arabia, things had gotten friendlier and friendlier between the two nations, which meant that both sides were able to start showing each other the best they had to offer. In Applejack's case, that meant her farm's best apples. She'd lept at the chance to start selling her farm's apples in a place that had rarely had them before, hoping to open up a new market to nothing but the best - her own farm's of course! Initially, it had meant a long trip by train along with the crates of apples, making sure the trip wasn't too long or bumpy or hot, so that they ended up arriving in less than excellent condition. Then it was a matter of finding ponies willing to take her apples and get them to local markets. But the weeks away from home paid off and paid off bigtime! Signed contracts in hoof, she was ready to head home and share the good news. Partly because she longed to get home to her family quickly, and partly because she felt like she could treat herself to a beautiful view on the trip back, Applejack was heading for the airship dock to get back to Equestria by. With her heart light, and a spring in her walk, she felt like nothing could bring her down now!
  4. Link to roleplay thread. This is a one-on-one RP between Applejack (Red Cedar) and Trixie (PathfinderCS).
  5. Red Cedar

    [Canterlot] Winter in Canterlot

    Applejack's eyes lit up with delight as she turned back towards Luna. "Oh, I'd love to see Vanhoover!" she exclaimed. "My grandfather's farm is there. It'd be great to see it, and the city, too!" she said, then turned back towards Red Cedar. "Do y'all know the Pear family or their orchard?" she asked. Red Cedar nodded as realization dawned on him. Applejack. He had heard that name before, and not just from the news. I fact, he remembered buying fritters from the mare on his last trip to Ponyville. Not surprising that the rest of her family were farmers, too. "I know of them," he replied. "Most ponies in Vanhoover do, their orchard's huge. And they make really good pear cider every year that's just..." Red cut himself short as the snow sculpture turned into a tall, lanky form of... something or other. Applejack simply raised her eyebrow at Discord as he talked to Luna. Well, sometimes Discord could be enjoyable company, and sometimes not. It all depended on his mood, and that, like everything else about him, was pretty chaotic. Watching him turn into a large cluster of ears pointed towards the Princess, however, well, that was something else. Nope, that's the fourth weirdest thing I ever saw. Maybe even third. she thought to herself. Come to think of it, even the first and second were Discord.
  6. @PathfinderCS Still game? Your go?
  7. Red Cedar

    [Canterlot] Winter in Canterlot

    Red's voice caught in his throat again. Was he actually just asked to be a tour guide for a Princess? Red swallowed hard to recover. "Uhm, of course, Your Highness, I'd be honoured." he replied. His mind began to race about as quickly as the pink Earth Pony spoke as he started thinking about the possible sights of his home to show the Princess. Applejack braced her ears for the verbal storm she knew was coming, and sure enough, it was a level of information that was amazing to process from one pony's voice. After Pinkie's explanation, though, she nodded. "Yeah, Canterlot's great for holiday ideas, that's for sure!" she agreed, then turned to Copper again. "Nice. All set for Hearth's Warming? Bet it looks lovely and homey there this time of year." As Copper looked over to a snow figure off to the side of the plaza, she raised her eyebrow. "Uh... wow... someone actually made a Snowdiscord?" That was easily the fourth weirdest thing she'd ever seen.
  8. Red Cedar

    [Canterlot] Winter in Canterlot

    Red could only imagine that in a city largely populated by unicorns, an Earth Pony like himself would stand out. Of course, it could also have been his accent. "I'm from Vanhoover, Your Highness, here on holiday." he explained, "And thank you for the evening, it is beautiful." He glanced aside orange Earth Pony mare who seemed a lot more comfortable around the Princess approached. Red thought for a moment that she looked familiar, until his thoughts were interrupted by a blur of pink greeting him with, "Hiya, newguywhoIdunnothenameofbutIusuallyfindoutiftheyaskwhattheirnameis!" Finally wrapping his head around that verbal blur, he smiled, and said, "Hi. Red Cedar's my name." Try as she might, Applejack couldn't quite bring herself to be so informal with royalty as to just call them by their name. It just didn't seem right. "It's no inconvenience at all, Ma'am." she said cheerfully. "Downright pretty." Applejack thought she would have been used to Pinkie's sudden arrivals anywhere, but not when it was in a different city. At first, Applejack thought she'd been found out, but then she remembered, Pinkie's Hearth's Warming gift was safely stashed in her saddlebag out of sight, so, no need to worry. Pinkie wasn't that psychic, was she? "Hi, Pinkie. What brings you here?" she called cheerfully, and then again as another familiar face arrived. "Howdy, Copper. Ain't seen you since Dodge Junction. How y'all been?"
  9. Red Cedar

    [Canterlot] Winter in Canterlot

    Gradually, Red relaxed when it seemed there had been no harm done, and he stood upright again slowly. Still rather in awe, however, he stammered a little as he explained, "Uhm, yes, Your Highness, it's a lovely evening. My name is Red Cedar, though, I don't believe we've met before." Certainly, Red would have felt that he'd have remembered if he had encountered the Princess before, but unless that was in a dream long forgotten, he couldn't think of it. Applejack couldn't quite put her hoof on it, but something about the group of ponies she had been watching having a large snowball fight in the next courtyard seemed mighty familiar. Tearing herself away from the spectacle, however, she made her way over to where she had seen Princess Luna touring the city, and at the moment seemingly intimidating another Earth Pony. As she approached to within earshot, and hoping not to interrupt, she bowed deeply. "'Evening, Your Highness," she said. "Lovely moonrise tonight."
  10. Link to RP thread. This is a one-on-one roleplay between Applejack (Red Cedar) and Smooth Groove (Randimaxis).
  11. Yay, Pinkie! Sorry for the delays. Life has sucked lately. Will try and post tomorrow morning.
  12. Still miss you.

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      Yeah...she was cool. 

  13. @Skycoaster @EquestrianScholar All yours.
  14. Red Cedar

    [Canterlot] Winter in Canterlot

    Red was becoming ever more distracted as he wandered through the promenades of Canterlot, looking over his shoulder often at the trees dusted with white snow, bringing out the detail of every branch even in the pale moonlight. Unfortunately for him, his distractions caught up with him as his shoulder slammed against something quite hard. "Ow!" he exclaimed, then stepped back in surprise as, far from being a streetlamp, he realized he had bumped into the armour-hardened shoulder of a guardpony. "Sorry, I didn't mean to..." Red's voice caught in his throat. This was no mere patrolling guard. Taking another step back in surprise, he quickly lowered on his front knees. "Princess Luna! My apologies!" he said quickly to the snow. Still gazing out over the valley from her vantage point on the balcony, Applejack's ear twitched as she heard some sort of commotion behind her, turning around to see what was going on.
  15. Sorry. Spent the weekend at a convention. Will post tomorrow.
  16. Making new wings for my daughter's con costume.

  17. Vanhoover tomorrow! An MLP con back in my back yard after way too long.

  18. So, who's going to Vanhoover?

  19. Sorry for the wait. Have at 'er.
  20. Red Cedar

    [Canterlot] Winter in Canterlot

    Applejack stepped out into the lightly falling snow and a shiver went up her spine. Despite her winter jacket and the scarf wrapped snugly around her neck, the first sudden shock of the outside air hit her immediately after leaving the warmth of the shop. She had spent a couple days in Canterlot already, overseeing the last deliveries of her farm's apples to their clients in the capital to take them through the winter. Now she was taking advantage of being here one more night to do a little Hearth's Warming shopping. Her saddlebag firmly strapped to her middle, she began to trot down the street, when she paused, looking out over one of the city's terraces to watch as the brilliant, silver moon rose slowly from behind the horizon. So early? she thought to herself, but she soon thought better. Of course, it was the first night of Winter, the longest night of the year, so naturally the moon would be up now. Sighing deeply, gazing over the valleys below, she said to herself, "Well, guess that's it. Another year is all but over." It was always a bittersweet moment for her. She could look back on a year's worth of accomplishments, sure, but there was a definite finality to her work each year, dictated by the seasons, leaving her longing for the warmer days of Spring when she could get back into her orchard and begin anew. Applejack took another deep breath, shaking herself back to the present. There was still much about Winter to look forward to, of course. The holidays, the time spent with family and friends, and this beautiful evening to start it off with. Red Cedar stepped out of his hotel and smiled. It was a pretty night, with just a touch of snow falling, the likes of which he rarely saw in Vanhoover. Still, it was a nice change from his home city's constant Winter downpours of frigid rain. With a dark green toque and scarf, and a thick black saddle blanket draped over his back and tied securely under his torso, he began to trot through the city streets, taking in the sights and sounds and smells. While the big city wasn't always his first choice to travel to, he had to admit it had its charms this close to Winter and Hearth's Warming, his favourite time of the year. Besides, camping in the snow meant a whole extra level of preparation, and after a year spent working in the forests had come to an end due to the change in season, a little restful trip was inviting before going back to plant and tend seedlings in the greenhouses after the holidays. As he rounded a corner, his eyes widened. The plaza before him was bathed in subdued light, so that it seemed the streets and buildings themselves glowed. Peering over his shoulder, he watched as the moon slowly rose into view, between the mountains beyond and the clouds from which the snow drifted down gently. "Wow," he said to nopony in particular. "Beautiful."
  21. Red Cedar

    [Saddle Arabia] I've Been Through The Desert

    @PathfinderCS Applejack sighed heavily from exhaustion, barely able to make out Trixie's words, only that they sounded sad and full of regret. Softly, she murmured, "S'okay... I ain't mad... I ain't mad..." over and over until she could no longer keep herself conscious, passing out beside Trixie under cover of the blanket. Applejack awoke... or did she? It was dark. Pitch black. Was she awake, or dreaming she was awake? She couldn't be sure of anything, without anything to focus on. Even her ears were no good. Was the wind still howling or was the blood rushing through her head? Slowly, arduously, she tried to roll over, push herself up. Sucking breath through her teeth, she set herself back down heavily. Nope, she was definitely awake, her shoulder proved it. In fact, she wasn't sure if she was going to get up again anytime soon. She took another deep breath, trying to relax. Maybe she didn't have to wake up yet. If Trixie was still out, there was no point in her not resting some more, especially as they seemed in no immediate danger. She hoped. Taking another breath, she closed her eyes and listened, trying to determine how and where Trixie was.
  22. I apologize. Christmas preparations are in overdrive. Will try to post shortly after.
  23. Happy Hearth's Warming Eve, everypony!