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    1. Blivy


      Long time no see! Hows it going?

    2. Red Cedar

      Red Cedar

      Not bad. Fan time has been scarce, though. You?

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      I'm tired! 

  1. If you go to York in the United Kingdom, take the tour there. Numerous scary stories and supposed sightings in that city.
  2. Soon, as all good things do, the story will come to an end. The magic doesn't have to, though. One day, a small child will find treasures from our past. They will ask "Gran, what's a Blu-Ray?" And after much cobbling together of technologies new and old, they will watch a journey unfold. A young unicorn named Twilight Sparkle will be told by her mentor "Make some friends!" A pink pony will speak way too quickly, a yellow pegasus hardly at all. Rainbow Dash will realize her dream and Applejack will keep them down to earth. Somewhere else, Lyra and BonBon will share a smile as only best friends can, and a little grey pegasus just won't know what went wrong. And once more, the old wonder shared will be new again.

    1. Blivy


      God bless!

  3. A yin-yang symbol might be more appropriate, though it would overlap with Sunset Shimmer's cutie mark.
  4. As a series, Equestria Girls was made to sell toys. Indeed, this has been the standard operating procedure for Hasbro since at least the 80s. The shows are intended as glorified advertising for whichever line it's about, and the amazing part is that TV stations PAID HASBRO for the privilege of running their glorified ads. The fact Hasbro's older shows now engender nostalgia from those who remember them is mostly due to the incredible skill, talent and professionalism of the people who did the work of creating them, rather than any conscious effort on Hasbro's part and in future, any similar nostalgia for Friendship is Magic can be laid directly at the feet of Lauren Faust, her initial team of writers, the voice actors and DHX rather than Hasbro. In short, when the whole premise of the series can be summed up as "We made our pony characters human.", you knew you weren't getting anything terribly inventive and I suspect you will hear more nostalgia for the original series than Equestria Girls.
  5. My class is cleric. Unless you want me to feel old, in which case it's 1990.
  6. I'm too nice. I need to be more selfish more often for my own good.
  7. Sorry. Earth Pony. Good luck.
  8. The bulk of the dislike of this pairing is pretty obvious: Spike has always been referred to as a "baby" dragon and is chronologically around the same age (or perhaps slightly younger) than Rarity's own sister. Of course, that's hard to take seriously because his personality is such that he seems much more mature than any of the Crusaders. He's certainly mature enough to run Twilight's entire household for her. As for the endgame, sadly, I think what we've seen is what we'll get. There'll be no Happily Ever After by the end of the series. As it is they've shied very much away from having any major character enter a serious relationship (closest they've come is with Big Mac and Sugar Belle) and given some negative reaction I don't think they're likely to change.
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  10. There is really nothing so paranoia inducing as seeing who has viewed your profile.

  11. Not weird. There's a large Ukrainian population here in Canada that celebrates Malanka.
  12. Still miss you.

    1. Meemfestivefox


      Yeah...she was cool. 

  13. Making new wings for my daughter's con costume.

  14. Vanhoover tomorrow! An MLP con back in my back yard after way too long.

  15. So, who's going to Vanhoover?

  16. Happy Hearth's Warming Eve, everypony!

  17. At this time of year, it is again important to remember that mistletoe has oval leaves and white berries.

  18. Can anyone actually see my signature on any of my posts?

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      This one?

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      Red Cedar

      That one. Thank you.

  19. Happy Football and Tryptophan Day to those celebrating now instead of a month and a half ago like I did.