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  1. I'm sorry, but I won't be back. I successfully left the other forum and shall do the same with this. If you don't believe me, stalk my profile for my last activity. I just came back for a moment to tell you this. ^^' See ya~!
  2. It is for the best indeed. Also, I wish I could talk to you in Steam but you have none... :c That leaves us dA, however. c:
  3. Hello folks...I've decided I will be taking my leave now. Curious? Read more, here:

  4. Hello everyone... Yes, that day has finally come for me. We might as well start by looking at my past. So over a year ago, say, in January 2013 I practically became a brony. It was the time when I first learned about the newest incarnation of My Little Pony. I still remember when I was a kid my sisters used to play with ponies, and THAT, my fellow bronies, is when I last heard/thought about ponies. Really. I mean it! For some reason I had been able to avoid all the pony stuff up until that day. Sure, someone might've simply said "pony", or that but I never looked at MLP videos or any material related to the My Little Pony franchise. In real life it's a whole other story than in internet. As I received my own PC at the end of 2011, I eventually began using the internet more, eventually leading to the point I see ponies everywhere, so I had to find out. I had not been a member of any fandom before, except Sonic, although VERY casually. I didn't have any online friends. So, back to the point, I first thought it was another of those memes I also saw around, but then I found out it was a legit thing. I watched a few episodes and got hooked. Ever since I've kept it a secret, although I DON'T consider myself a brony, since I'm not into the franchise/merchandise. I just like ponies. But nevertheless, that's what developed my interest in ponies and I also joined my first pony forum in July that year, when a new friend of mine, also a brony, introduced me to it. We however cut our friendship later, when we couldn't be together... Now, onto the actual point of my goodbye message. So when I joined that forum I learned more and more about the brony community, as I grew with it. I was a very fresh brony since most have been with it since 2011/2012. I loved the forum so much I spent most of my time there and even bought a subscription. By also this time I had been starting to use Steam more, in which I also created an account around the same time I got my PC. But what I mean is I started logging in more regularly. In fact, I had no use for Steam before, and I don't remember any of my account's creation. Anyways. One of my friends in that forum let me know about MLP Forums, so I had a peek. I always thought the community of that forum was a bit more casual, not so much for RP and the MLP atmosphere, so I wanted a change and created an account here too. I eventually left that forum for keeps a year after registering. I just had enough. But now, unfortunately, I will wave goodbye here as well. Why? Read the below paragraph. I now learned something about myself. I'm not a forum person type. While that first forum created the base for my online friend network, especially by having a chat, I now noticed that Steam is the place I like to be at. It's great for privacy, and it has the chatting system, which MLP Forums lacks. And as I just mentioned, I'm not a forum person type so I haven't spent much time here. I thought I would've blent more and more into the MLP community but I didn't, after all. There was also some dramatic events that prevented me from coming here. Even so, I haven't been around much lately, haven't posted or done anything. Just checking if I have any notifications. This is like a second Facebook for me. I don't chat there either. So all this time I've been using Steam and I have to say it's my main focus now. ALL of my online friends are there. I made all my friends there, and kept just a small part of the friends I made in the first forum. But now, it's over. I give up. Not because I haven't spent much time here or that I should, but it's just, I only use forums if I need them for something. I didn't need MLP Forums. I just signed up to see if I would come up with something. I found it hard to make friends, too. But before I go, I have to thank the forum, it was really refreshing and is incredibly active, on a whole other level than the other forum (which I loved too, considering the subscription and all). I wanna tell that keep up the good work on being a child-friendly forum which has nice people around (even though I did not witness all of it). So, that's all I had to say. I'm not abandoning the brony fandom, nor do I consider myself a brony. Sounds weird, but basically means that ponies just helped me get friends, as it's such a friendly fandom. Now it only serves should I put it. Well, I just like ponies. If you wish to chat, find me on Steam. Link on my profile. P.S. I even sent an application to join the administration but I wonder why I never got a reply... "2-3 weeks" they said but it has already passed. But I don't care anymore, I wouldn't have been a good mod anyway. ^^' Farewell~!
  5. Exactly, do NOT stick into copying other pics, you won't get anywhere with that.
  6. If I had to throw an exact age of "becoming old", that'd be 25.
  7. Not much. I drew my first ever pony sketches in the early 2014 (January). I just kept drawing WITHOUT references, but in the beginning I needed them to understand what I'm even drawing, lol. For me drawing without references is the best way to learn, it's not about forcing yourself to be good, it's about believing in yourself that you have the skills. 8 months and here I am, just need fine-tuning and I'm almost there.
  8. Hello fellow followers! (god that sounded cheesy). I'm now feeling a lot better and decided to have a crack at sketches again.
  9. Sorry for the inactivity everyone! I am now back, and I got news for you! Yesterday I finally passed the driving exam and am now happily an owner of the driver's license! My school is also about to start, hoping to do good there. However, my request thread will still stay ceased for a while, I feel like I'm still not ready to start making art on a regular basis. Give me time, I'm doing some stuff in the background to keep my grips...

    1. Nina


      Good job on passing the driving exam ~

    1. Nina


      Something happened, Vinyl...?

  10. Yaaaay. I was bored so I put most of my vectors in a single picture.
  11. What time is it? A-vector time! (Pun totally not intented. )
  12. w00t! It's a Super Rainbow Dash! (Sketch: 20min. Coloring: 40min. Total time: 1h. x3)
  13. Well, time to go original!