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    Private Uncharted Skies

    There weren’t many things in Thesbie's saddlebags, as per usual, fewer possessions made it easier to travel on the drop of a hat, something she had taken to doing a lot of. Technically, she didn't really even have a home to speak of; it was more of a string of hide outs and treasure vaults that she hopped back and forth between when a hotel room wasn't available Never staying in one place was always the safest way to get the job done in Thesbie's rather unique line of work, said line tended to consist of a lot of running from authorities and getting kicked out of town. Putting on an act wasn'
  2. Oh right, crew. I would like to be crew. Do you need a number? If so then Crew 2. Did I miss anything else?
  3. Name: Thesbie Gender: Female Age: 26 Species: Unicorn Appearance: Is a tall and thin unicorn. Most of her height is her legs. She is a gray color. She has dark maroon colored eyes that look like they see right through you. Her main is a chestnut color with gold streaks. She also has a scar on her right cheek. Cutie Mark: Theater masks (the frowning mask is black and the smiling one is white) surrounded by stars. Personality: She isn't a trusting person and is rude most of the time. She loves being sarcastic and has a twisted seance of humor. But loyal if you earn her trust. Backstory: She doe
  4. Thesbie was a con artist and a good one at that, one of the best. But she was very different from the other's in her line of work. She cared about ponies. This made her line of work a bit trickier but she makes it work. For some reason Striker tacking Autunm out there made her really mad. Maybe it was because of the hypocrisy of his actions. Or that she has a soft spot for mare's crying. Or maybe a mix of both but Striker acted very tenderly with Autunm which makes her feel better and worst because that adds to the hypocrisy. "Well both of you better get back here before Amber kicks you off fo
  5. Thesbie smiled "The name's Thesbie. You should get back on the ship though its not safe to fly around air ships. Not safe for the ship mostly but pegusi too." She shot another glare at Stiker "That goes for you too hot shot get back on the ship before Amber gets pissed." Thesbie softened her tone to go back to speaking to Autumn "I'm a friend of Amber's I'll be joining you on this little adventure."
  6. ToriTheThespian

    Open The Antigone

    Thesbie smiled evilly. "That is fantastic!" Her mind was filling with all sorts of fun ways to get that pompous jerk back for insulting her ship. She would hammer out the plan later. Thesbie looked over Ratchet's shoulder. "So how bad's the damage? How long do you think it will be before she's up and flying again?"
  7. @ @@jdor11 Thesbie got up from where she was and rushed to the edge of the ship trying to get as close to Striker and Autumn as possible. She was pissed how could Striker put her out there? "Hey miss! Are you okay? Do you need help getting back on the ship?" She glared at Striker, he has the nerve to threaten her about hurting the other's then puts this mare out on a limb and scares her enough to cry? "OI! Mr. Second in command dont you sure have a funny way of keeping you're crew safe!" She turned her attention back to Autunm. "Hey, Autunm is your name right? I can levitate you back with
  8. Thesbie was bored just lounging around the ship. She was watching that Striker guy about to jump of the ship to fly around and he was trying to get another pegasus to join him. Though the mare was shy and didn't want to go flying with him. Why does he want to jump of the ship and go for a random fly when we were already in the air...... flying. But who was she to argue with his random need to fly. He if she was lucky she could turn the ship to hit him mid flight and she wouldn't have to deal with his suspensions of her. Not good for cons. But she had nothing against, what was the name she over
  9. Thesbie gave a malevolent smile "Oh will ya now? I'll be sure to remember that." She turned and started walking way saying "Why dont you go check on your crew or something 'second in command'" Thesbie laughed a bit. She always got a kick out of people trying to threaten her or scare her. She stopped and touched the scare on her cheek. Thesbie scowled. 'I'm not just some helpless mare any one can push around...... At least not any more.' She decided to go look for Amber, she could already tell these weren't her kind of ponies aboard.
  10. Thesbie took Amber's advice and went to meet the others. She hadnt gotten far when a pony came up to her asking who she was. "The name's Thesbie." She said with a smile. "I'm an old friend of Amber's she thought that this adventure was right up my ally. So of course I just had to come and check it out. And you? What are you here for?"
  11. Thesbie's ears perked up "Treasure?" a wicked smile crossed her face. "I could always use a little more treasure." Though splitting with every one aboard might leave her with a small cut but Thesbie had her way's of getting money off people with out them knowing. Some one once called her the Queen of Cons. It sounded silly but Thesbie still liked it. She extended her hoof to Amber "Oh you can count me in."
  12. Thesbie smiled and sat down next to Amber on the bed taking a swig strait from the bottle. "Me? Caught? Come on Amber...." Thesbie scooted closer to Amber and whispered in her ear "You know me better then that." She gave her a wink and got of the bed carrying the bottle with her magic. "So whats with all the passengers aboard?"
  13. Thesbie had a huge grin on her face as Amber entered the room. "Did you use the fake Air force badge I made you? One of my best fakes if I do say so my self" Thesbie threw one of her for limbs around Amber's shoulders and brought her in close. "Got me out of another tough one. How about I get you a drink?" Thesbie walked around the room looking for some alcohol knowing Amber must have some somewhere.
  14. Thesbie ran through the twisted back allies of the town. Three thugs were chasing her. A deal gone bad. How was she supposed to know it was a fake? In her escape she noticed a familiar air ship docked. Thesbie smiled seeing her way out of this predicament. She was much faster then the lumbering muscle heads chasing her. She quickly made her way to the ship dogging and weaving through the crowd. She ran on deck yelling "AMBER WE'RE TAKING OFF NOW! I'LL EXPLAIN LATTER! HURRY!"
  15. Hey Im interested in joining. My friend TheSteampunkNinja showed me this RP here is my OC http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/thesbie-r1622 and her weapon(s) are small knives she can summon and control with her magic.
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