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  1. I like neon colors paired with black Black and neon green is probably my absolute favorite I really love pastels too I'm pretty much a color fan in general, I guess ^^
  2. I suppose. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. I mean, yeah, talking to Down-Donna's all the time is kinda annoying, but I feel like you can never know exactly what someone's been through unless they've told you or you've seen it
  3. Probably Sonic. I love the atmosphere of ordering your food via speaker and having someone deliver it on roller-skates. It's very 50's ^^ Their food is also really good, along with their large variety of milkshakes and slushies
  4. How can you ever be certain of what these people are going through though? Do they tell you their whole life story? Trolls can be easy to ignore unless they've latched onto you as their prime target...
  5. Elementary school had it's goods and bads. I got made fun of a lot, but I always had fun because I was little and gave no fucks Middle school was the worst time of my life. I got made fun of mercilessly to the point that I didn't ever want to go to school. I only have one friend and when I tried to make new ones, it backfired High school was okay. The work was harder and more serious, but it wasn't all that bad
  6. They matter to a degree I have to feel an attraction to people in order to date them, however, what I find attractive and what society finds attractive tend to be pretty different I can also feel more attracted to someone if they have an amazing personality and I click really well with them And furthermore...I wouldn't want to date someone that's "Gorgeous" because they're more than likely full of themselves and I can't stand that
  7. Sarcasm can be funny, but you have to know how to use it right My sarcasm with my mother tends to get her to laugh but my ex used to be sarcastic about everything Like, I'd be trying to ask a question about something I seriously didn't know, and he was a total douche about it Inconsiderate people make me wanna shove my head through a brick wall. I can't tell you how many times I get to the ice cream carton without ever having any from it, and there's like...a scoop left. It's like...what the hell?!
  8. British, Irish, Scottish, Polish, German, French, Czechoslovakian, Ukrainian, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish And for a fun fact of the day, I'm related to Shakespeare through marriage @A@
  9. Yeah....elitists are absolutely one type of person that I will never, ever try to become friends with. Because I can be 100% certain that they're telling everyone behind my back just how much of a "loser" and "failure" I am. I will never think I'm better than anyone for any reason. I haven't seen anyone around here like that, but it doesn't surprise me...For part of it, I think the term brony is associated with something that people have come to hate, so that might be why people don't want to be called MLP fans?
  10. No, I am not being judgmental about them because despite the fact that I come into contact with these sort of people everyday of my life, I try to overlook it I don't sit there and hate them because of how they are, it just bothers me That's the difference Oh good golly Hypocrites....completely forgot those. My mother is probably the biggest hypocrite I have ever met and listening to her talk tends to give me a headache -a-
  11. Wow OP, you and I have a lot in common then I was always teased about my weight, even when I was really little and wasn't even fat! I often was called ugly Got called stupid or implied that I was stupid People would always call me "Bull in a china shop" because I was clumsy Got called a 'Dyke' for having a short haircut People would often make fun of me for either not talking or not smiling...
  12. Uh oh, shouldn't have asked me this. My body, my face, pretty much how I look My bad luck My ability to let other's words affect me My lack of faith in myself My drawings, or more so, lack of ability to draw My temper My inability to socialize and make friends My fear of failure My lack of determination My overall hatred for myself
  13. There's a lot of types of people that I tend to find bothersome because I just can't fathom their way of thinking. 1. Snobs or elitists; Nobody is better than anyone else for any reason. Not for looks, knowledge, performance ability, wealth or any other reason. You shouldn't be looking down on others because everyone has strengths and weaknesses 2. Liars and Fakes; I don't see the need to pretend to be something you're not and to live in a world of lies. It's especially not fair to gain someone's trust and yet lie to them constantly. 3. Trolls/Bullies; The idea of trolling was supposed to be something humorous a long time ago. It would be something like...someone saying silly things in reply to your threads/posts. It was supposed to be harmless. But no, trolls have evolved into internet bullies, and I'm sure 99% of people have had to deal with bullies in real life and don't much care to do so online. Oh, and for those that say you can't be bullied online...yeah, that's a crock. Some person somewhere is saying horribly rude and unnecessary things to you...I'm pretty sure that's gonna affect you. 4. Ignorant people; By ignorant, I don't just mean not knowing something. I mean someone knowing something and choosing to still believe lies. 5. Judgmental people; This is something that society is to blame for. We're taught that things that are "different" are wrong. When in reality, humans are humans and there's no need to hate someone because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.
  14. Soarin, DJ Pon-3 and Cherry Jubilee should be more active, in my opinion I'd also sort of like to see some of the background ponies brought forth, such as Bonbon and Octavia For all I know, they could have already been because I'm only on Season 4 episode 10 >A<
  15. I've taken this quiz 3 different times without remembering what my answers were, because they were all very spaced out And somehow I manage to get Rainbow Dash every time! The funny part is while watching the show, I don't think I'm much like Rainbow Dash at all D: I'm not self-centered or competitive, and I don't specifically try to present myself as "cool" I have to wonder what answers I chose to give me her! haha