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  1. BlueMoon

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  2. BlueMoon

    What weapon would you take into battle?

    Hand forged double headed Battle Axe and my Shield.
  3. BlueMoon

    Bluemoon Art thread

    Commission for Pat.Rio.T. OC Commission for PsychedelicPony
  4. BlueMoon

    First time posting art here!

    You have a unique and amazing style. Brohoof for you foooor suuuure
  5. BlueMoon

    Hows my love team?

    @dusk.night I think you need to post a picture of the Love Team, so we can judge it or just love it.
  6. That is really good. I like your pony/human hybrid style.
  7. BlueMoon

    Bluemoon Art thread

    A commission I did for Chigen and Kaye. Fire Lily, OC Commission Melody OC for pinkcupcake21 Background from MLP Vector Club
  8. BlueMoon

    Minecraft Pony Pixel Art

    I really like the Applebloom. This must have taken some time to construct. Good job.
  9. BlueMoon

    My First Pony Drawing (Colored)

    I really like your color choices and the art style.
  10. Wow, I really like your style and how each look. Well done
  11. BlueMoon

    Planning A DnD RP maybe?

    Sounds cool to me but was wondering if you saw this. <url></url>
  12. BlueMoon

    Twilight Human: Not EG, Sparkle overload style.

    I like the idea. You do need to work on proportions, layering, and posing. I suggest using a app or program that allows you to use layers. It will help with background and shadowing. Also I suggest using a reference for the pose you want. So you can see the angles you want.
  13. BlueMoon

    Word Association

  14. BlueMoon

    Bluemoon Art thread

    Lil Blue moon misses his princess. He never lived in the sun. He always rises with the moon. He heard of the Children of the Night but never found them.
  15. BlueMoon

    Bluemoon Art thread

    Hot Wheels OC for a friend that wanted her oc redone.