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  1. If EQG is canon then EQG Specials are canon and Starlight has met Sunset! So, uh... can we Sunset meeting Celestia episode?
  2. Time to finish what I randomly started *plays Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 1 Chapter 1*

  3. This run is on Lv 1 Sora and Critical Mode, the hardest difficulty on the game. I think pretty much every enemy hit is a one hit kill at this run, except Lexaeus, which is weird, since he's the brute of the organization.
  4. In no particular order Ueki (Law of Ueki) Mako (Kill La Kill) Zoro (One Piece) Megumi (Shokugeki No Soma) Yusei Fudo (Yu-Gi-Oh 5DS) Saitama (OPM) Gon Freecs (HxH) Mikasa Ackerman (AoT) Yukihira Soma (Shokugeki No Soma) Nakiri Erina (Shokugeki No Soma)
  5. Outrageous intensifies
  6. Not exactly the correct MV, but the combo of the anime and music sets up to be a good catchy AMV. Music is Oh No! by Marina and the Diamonds
  7. I went to Sakura Con and watched the AMV contest. There were quite a lot of good AMV, but there are 2 AMV that got stuck in my head. The music and the anime they chose fits perfectly, especially the second one.
  8. The baby is a freaking super baby. 1 cry and the Crystal Heart broke. Hasbro nerf pls
  9. I missed the first segment Screw it! I'm watching anyway.
  10. Sad News. No EFNW for me for the third time :'''( (insert sad violin)

  11. Dat moment when you are supposed to have a quick week of college but all of a sudden, 3 teachers throw in 2 exam, 1 quiz and 2 homework all on Wednesday.

  12. Ahh, the good ol' day when we desperately try to get the green block and 3 white block for instant zooming forward. Wish Lego racer would be made again. Lego in gaming has been pretty successful, from my standpoint. Visiting the racing game again would be awesome. Besides, Lego is timeless.
  13. Another great player retires... Well at least Seahawks can handle the Broncos better now.
  14. Alright, here comes the challenge of MLP writers. Make Starlight likeable for us in 1 season. Now then, the news caught me off guard and now my hype is through the roof!. Didn't expect S6 to be this early. Now then, hopefully I can watch the premier with you guys on stream before going to Sakuracon later that day.
  15. Note: This should be our children's bedtime story
  16. Time to watch some art! (finally) watching Pulp Fiction.

  17. While I like RPGs in general, I realized that I don't like WRPG (Western RPG). I bought and never finished: Deus Ex HR and Fallout NV. Got bored too fast. PSP is the best console I've played on. Sad PS Vita didn't pass on the success. Guess Sony was too ambitious about Vita. COD is very overhated. I remember still having fun playing all the games (until later half of 2013 when I part ways with my Xbox 360 ;_; ) I can't find the charm of LoZ. I bought Majora's Mask 3DS last year and I can't seem to like it. I deleted it weeks later and have never thought of getting it back.
  18. I just realized that when I played pokemon I NEVER use online trading ;_; maybe i should start using it for gen 7 pokemon

  19. Aside from Leo finally getting an Oscar. I'm surprised that Mad Max got 6! It's mostly the technical stuff, but still! Even it got meme-d by Louis C.K. who jokingly announced Mad Max to be the winner of live action short film.
  20. Watched Deadpool last Saturday. It's awesome. BUT! I watched Hunchback of Notre Dame just now. Needless to say... F*ck Frollo
  21. Me before Gurenn Lagann: Alright let's see how awesome this is. After: Mother of Heavely Drills

  22. I have only played FE: Awakening. Now I'm getting Conquest, then Revelations. I like grinding and there's a grind DLC just 6 days after release (for Conquest only, Birthright already have grind feature in game)
  23. Still waiting for Bronies React S5 FInale -_-