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  1. I have since progressed since my previous work. On my deviantart: http://youfallded.deviantart.com/art/Little-King-John-Pony-508519450
  2. LordAndrew

    Artwork of Mane 6

    It's funny- I didn't even draw a mane on Twilight, and I think it's conjoined to Fluttershy's head xD
  3. I know none of you know, but I'm actually a drawer. I maked pictures of some of my favorite ponys. If you don't think there very good, it's because it's really interpretive abstract art and you need to have the right way to look to see it as arty.
  4. Hello, people of the world. I am here to tell you about why life is like a banana in two simple words with great power and such wow, herr are is today, meaning speak. To be sure to check out these words to change the way to life live. Thank you, and piano a innocent turkey today. It isn’t
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