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    I got here because when playing tf2, saw a bunch of references to mlp. During some youtube surfing, I came across 'Guile theme goes with everything - sonic rainboom' and recognized the characters from the tf2 references. Since I had nothing to watch for the next couple of weeks due to it being holiday break for tv series, I decided to give the show a try.

    A couple of weeks past, and I finally caught up with the recent episodes. With nothing more to watch, I remembered the sonic rainboom video and decided to look for other interesting pony related fan videos. This eventually led me to seeing many of the popular animations on youtube, along with the more known youtube usernames in the fanbase of mlp creators. After a bit of hopping and linking, I eventually came upon AppleBl00m's chat+stream reaction videos from equestria tv. The people seemed like a grand ol' bunch, and it would make a great place to see the new episodes, so I hopped over there to check it out. After some chatting with folks and joining in the weekly movienights and mlp saturdays, the forum thread for the chatroom was mentioned to vote for the next week's movie. Intrigued, I decided to join this site and partake in the decisions for movienight.

    A bit about myself:
    I dabble in a bit of digital arts and dribble in programming.

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    Canterlot Castle Throne Room

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    couldn't get this to link properly, check interests
  1. closed the poll this week's movies are Venom and Spiderman into the Spiderverse double feature
  2. closed the poll this week's movies are The Luck of the Irish and Smart House double feature
  3. opened the poll, spiderverse isn't on dvd yet, but can be on the poll next week
  4. closed the poll this weeks movies are The Book of Life and Won't You Be My Neighbor? The Mister Rogers Story
  5. opened the poll, brought them stuffs
  6. closed the poll this weeks movies are Rango and My Little Pony: The Movie
  7. huh weird, i must have skimmed through the previous page when throwing together the poll thought it seemed a bit thin xD
  8. opened the poll, brought back runners up
  9. closed the poll, this weeks movies are Lego movie and Lego batman double feature
  10. opened the poll, although late will leave it up through thursday
  11. closed the poll this weeks movies are Wall-E and Reign of the Supermen
  12. closed the poll this weeks movies are Recess movies: School's Out,Taking the Fifth Grade,Miracle on 3rd street triple feature
  13. opened the poll (and didn't forget mr dash's suggestion)
  14. closed the poll this week's movies are Dexters Lab: Ego trip and Ed' Edd n' Eddy's big picture show double feature