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  1. It has been a while since I have been on here! But I'm still playing ukulele and still.... trying to record

  2. Recording is difficult. But I will keep trying!

  3. Classical music is wonderful though. I'd love to learn some classical song on the ukulele someday. An that guitar you have seems like its a great piece of sentimental history, I bet it sounds beautiful. Hahaha I've heard clawhammer is tricky. I'm actually learning Apples to the Core myself, maybe we could do some collab stuff together? Or maybe you could give me some clawhammer lessons
  4. Hahaha, I hope the chello was alright! But I've never really grasped wind instruments very well. I had an ocarina and liked it, but it did not match my passion for the uke. I love your OC by the way Yes! another uke player But the trumpet seems very fun, and electric guitars are rad. (I'm actually building an electric ukulele) and I've wanted to try the cello as well. Violins are very nice =] Wow very cool man! I had no idea what a Guitarron was Its very cool that you play that!
  5. Good luck learning that song. A violin is a beautiful instrument. Sorry for the misplacement of thread, I'm still a lil' flly to the forums. But I hope you're enjoying the violin, and its all you ever dreamed! =] That is lame how you're mother didn't allow you to play earlier when you wanted to. But I'm glad you are finally getting into it.
  6. I agree, she was a fantastic villain who sang in front of her captives. But I would always like to encounter new villains throughout the series too and give another character a chance!
  7. My friend is a huuuuuge Steam Powered Giraffe fan, if he was on the forums I'd have him add you.

    1. ChuckinBrony


      https://www.youtube.com/user/TheDarkgonian well this is his youtube channel if youd like to chat with him lol hes a great guy
    2. ReverseFaller


      Cool, thanks. I'll have to message him sometime this week. :)

  8. Music is an excellent hobby to have, it keeps the mind active! =] I hope you eventually learn the guitar sometime though lmao a small bit, is always a great start
  9. I love your OC! and yes piano is a string instrument hahaha! I've never tried a cello before but I think I'll stick to what I'm best at Also This is from a show called "Mighty Boosh" (One of my top 3 favorite shows) I saw you like jazz, and this is a clip from one of the episodes about the spirit of jazz.
  10. Dude awesome! Sweet! I saw your derp plush on your DA page! Very nice
  11. A Sitar would be super unique, but I've never played one before! But a banjo is a blast as well if you enjoy fun finger picking patters! And a mandolin is such a nice sounding instrument, along with the violin That. Was. So. Epic!!!!! /)^3^(\ Those guys were rockin it, they remind me of David Garret too!
  12. Awesome! I've played ukulele for 6 years and everything I know is either from the Internet or self taugh. So you can teach yourself how to play! Good luck and happy strumming:)
  13. Awww that's a bummer. I wish I had more time to learn my other instruments. But I hope you pick it up sometime soon Your secret is safe with me. And the clarinet is a wind instrument, but ill count it this time xP wind instrument are my weakenss XD and drums, I flail around like a dummy! Nice man! I have a nice electric guitar but I play ukulele now so I rarely ever use the guitar :/ But I want an electric ukulele XD Sweet! How long have you played the bass for? Also I saw you were from the UK, one of my top 3 favorite shows is the Mighty Boosh. I hope you've heard of it before XD l
  14. Hey I play ukulele! I also have a dulcimer and a psaltry I pluck around on sometimes But I was wondering if anyone here plays other stringed instruments or knows of some other pony instrumentalists =]
  15. Hahaha I love the PFUDOR remix! Excellent job, very fun and it makes me wanna dance
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