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  1. eh. haven't studied in a while, but I have had to sit down hours at a time, and sometimes I'll listen to OSTs as I do it If you need noise try searching for study music on youtube. You could try animal crossing music or other calming peices. there's a channel literally just called Luigi; Lots of chill video game music there. Or just look for 10 hour rain videos.
  2. work yup. thats it. Family wasn't into holidays, so I'm fine working.
  3. Con vet here. Looking to go the full weekend. Followed AC last time and it was a blast. Hoping to do it again. That said, I will be pretty chill back at home base. If you wanna hang out, you need only ask. I got discord, twitter, gmail and deviantart.
  4. Taski here. I'm interested in Friday to Sunday night. I used to be hyper at cons, but I really mellowed out over the years. I usually keep to myself, but I'm gonna try to be more of a buddy this time. Still have room? Contact me here anthonyslibrero(at)gmail.com or note me on FA (furseiseki)
  5. Taski here. I'm interested in Friday to Saturday night. Been to many cons and I never lose my keys. Really hoping to catch the hooves line pannel. you can contact me here anthonyslibrero(at)gmail.com or even note me on FA (furseiseki)