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  1. Sweet Jeebuz, it's been awhile

  2. !!! Got a new job as a night audit working at Motel 6. Crazy ass job let me tell you. But I finally have my schedule up in place and I feel functional again. For once, everything is going OK. Oh and hi.
  3. Well the electricity got shut off, like 400 tablet is dying. Don't know when ill be back

    1. Alex Kennedy

      Alex Kennedy

      I've done what I can. And please don't feel bad about it. I do it because I want to.

  4. Tulla immediately became awkward around Abigails older brother. Looking down at her boots and trying her best to ignore the fact that Adrass was there. It wasn't that she disliked him, he just gave her a weird feeling. Whisper picked up the lizard and petted it lightly "Shhh baby lizard..." She heard her name and ran off the way she came.
  5. Facebook: Manda Panda Monium. Let's be friends.

    1. Alex Kennedy

      Alex Kennedy

      If only I actually had Facebook.

  6. "Hateful..." Whisper repeated slowly. Those words made sense. The little girl had lulled her into a false sense of security, preying on her weakest traits. It made sense to her...a world with no fighting, no anger, no pain. It sounded beautiful. Maybe she could help...maybe she should. "I want to save them all." ------- Tulla grimaced at Abigails outburst. She was mostly used to her friend acting out, playing her role. Yet...she imagined someone else. Someone smaller, throwing toys in the playroom...blazing red hair. Who...? @@Flying Ace, @@Torrent505, @@Alex Kennedy, She glared at Dresdens arm and then back at him "I have two legs. I can walk myself. Tugg, c'mon let's go already."
  7. OK I'm back. Everything has been shit for me as per usual. I got mugged the other day, the ahole took my bag with my wallet and money. Thank god I forgot my crappy crap crap tablet at home. My laptop I fear, has uttered it's last whirr. No one has any info on @[member=Sanctified Absence] ?
  8. I hate my life. On top of everything else...I get mugged.

    1. MinunShy_Kay


      Ohmygoodness!! Are you okay???

    2. Torrent505


      Damn it. Hope you're alright :( what did the asshole take?

    3. Alex Kennedy

      Alex Kennedy

      What!? Oh my god! I swear there must be some gypsy out there cursing you or something. It's just not fair all the shit that happens to you.

  9. Tulla stuck out her tongue and punched Abigail in the arm, face flushed red with embarrassment. For Whisper it was foggy, voices drifting in and out. She only vaguely felt the presence of her dragon and Clarke, but her body wanted to let go and sleep. "I don't know who you are little girl, or why you're soing this but please...stop" she replied into the fog.
  10. Alright, in order to keep things going. We need Adrass and Indicus to fall asleep. Unless, Torrent has something planned to just rip your spirits out or something.
  11. Tugg rumbled low in his throat and nudged Dresdens hand with his beak. He rose up on his hind legs, placing his heavy paws on Dresdens shoulders and began lapping at his face happily. "Aren't there supposed to be three of 'ya?" Tulla questioned, chuckling at her chimera.
  12. "No better thing than to go to the market" she nudged Tugg with her boot and then walked over to them. "Names Tulla. You must be Robert and Dresden right? Abby is always swooning about you" she crossed her arms and watched as Tugg scampered over and began sniffing Dresden.
  13. Tulla looked up from the chair she had been sitting in, studying Robert and Dresden. Tugg lay asleep by her feet, now the size of a bulldog. "Abigail told me to show you nobles around while she gets prettied up" She scratched at her unruly mess of hair. "Can't imagine there's anything interesting here in Ashcreek"