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  1. Mizz.Madrox

    I left for awhile but I'm back

    His name is David Lee he's a 4th but I call him Lee thank you he's my world
  2. Mizz.Madrox

    What did this year bring to you?

    This year brought me a beautiful little boy
  3. Mizz.Madrox

    mlp clutch purse

    You just print It out and take it in or go tell them what you want and they draw it
  4. Mizz.Madrox


    There's loads of videos on it but its amazing
  5. Mizz.Madrox


    Right now I postly do air I've done some small fashion shows and of course it comes in with my love of cosplay
  6. Mizz.Madrox

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    I've often dreameed of stabbing someone in the eye with a sewing needle lol Best anime ?
  7. Mizz.Madrox

    mlp clutch purse

    its a my little pit head pony
  8. Mizz.Madrox

    mlp clutch purse

    I made this little clutch with a strap I use it as a makeup bag what do y'all think
  9. Mizz.Madrox

    2016 BronyCan rates?

    I didn't know children were free this makes my life loads easier
  10. Mizz.Madrox

    I left for awhile but I'm back

    Thank you for the warm welcome back I'm so very excited to be back
  11. Mizz.Madrox

    What did this year bring to you?

    Had a horrible pregnancy had to get rid of my dog I'd had for 4 years cause he killed my puppy but in the end I gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy idk what it do without him
  12. I put beaut butter on crackers then top with a thin layer of yellow mustard
  13. Mizz.Madrox


    I'm a cosmotolgist by trade, I love make up I try my hardest to use only animal friendly makeup. sugar pill is my favorite
  14. Mizz.Madrox

    I left for awhile but I'm back

    Thank you glad to be back The first time I was here it didn't really get anywhere
  15. Mizz.Madrox

    I left for awhile but I'm back

    My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rainbow Dash How did you find MLP Forums?: I was on Google looking for a way to connect with other bronies How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I used to watch gen3 growing up with my mom when I little then I seen they were coming out with FIM I thought it be a way to connect with my baby sister she watched season 1 then grew out of it I'm still here head over hooves The horrible about yourself I am horrible at these lol ok here goes it my name is Shauni but my persona is mizz madrox I am 23 years old and live in ky I have a little boy born Oct 2015 he is my entire world I am a juggalette and a nerdy brony I have lots of Fandoms anything from Disney walking dead to the love of classical music I am a creative brony I am big into diy I sew make jewelry mold cast if it's creative I'm trying to dip my toes in it just to learn how I'm really hoping by joining this I learn more about my Fandom and gain some friends.