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  1. seen a status that said Obama fighting for gun control makes him the greatest us president ugh seriously your dumb

    1. Spartan


      He just wants to make it easier for mass shooters to kill people is all.. Or make America isnt the next Nazi Germany


    2. Mizz.Madrox


      If trump wins were fucked

    3. Spartan


      If hillery wins we're fucked... Hell, i see any Democracts winning as a lose to America. But we'll see come November. Thing is, Trump has a very big chance to win, i even heard he could 'win' all 50 states. Doubt it, but whatever lol

  2. yah no work today do a little dance

  3. His name is David Lee he's a 4th but I call him Lee thank you he's my world
  4. This year brought me a beautiful little boy
  5. hang in with my booger butt till I go to work

    1. Scrubbed user
    2. Mizz.Madrox


      Hanging out with my son who I call booger butt before I go to work today

    3. Scrubbed user
  6. You just print It out and take it in or go tell them what you want and they draw it
  7. There's loads of videos on it but its amazing
  8. Right now I postly do air I've done some small fashion shows and of course it comes in with my love of cosplay
  9. I've often dreameed of stabbing someone in the eye with a sewing needle lol Best anime ?
  10. its a my little pit head pony
  11. I made this little clutch with a strap I use it as a makeup bag what do y'all think
  12. I didn't know children were free this makes my life loads easier
  13. Thank you for the warm welcome back I'm so very excited to be back
  14. Had a horrible pregnancy had to get rid of my dog I'd had for 4 years cause he killed my puppy but in the end I gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy idk what it do without him
  15. I put beaut butter on crackers then top with a thin layer of yellow mustard