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  1. Of course, welcome to the best pony fan club. The gift shop has unlimited book horse merchandise.
  2. I'm actually collecting the games as of a month or two ago. I'm just going for Sonic Adventure to current, doing well so far.
  3. I love the artwork that's been made of the Tirek and Twilight fight.
  4. love your avatar !

  5. I was actually talking about the HD versions of the Sonic Adventure games. I completely agree, he just hasn't had his chance in the spotlight yet.
  6. Twilight appeared in the new episode, I approve of this so much.
  7. More than likely, I don't see why someone wouldn't listen to them. Especially if Twi is the one they're remixing.
  8. That was my favorite song for so long, can you guess why? Because it was about Twilight, duh. Haha
  9. Same here! I used to listen to it nonstop!
  10. Anyone want to chat? :)

    1. SoGxTrixie


      Sure' Trixie wouldn't mind chatting.

    2. BoopMan


      sure i would like to.

    3. Nightwish


      Shall we?... Your icon truly is "adorkable". ^v^

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