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  1. THANK YOU! I've actually looked for this for a while, but apparently missed it even though it's been right under my nose. *brohoof*
  2. I know that, I just need the archive so I can install it on her computer, which, as I said before, doesn't have internet currently, but runs 7.
  3. Tried that, but it just downloaded the installer, which, in turn, downloads the actual program, so unless I run the installer, I won't get the actual archive to copy onto a USB drive. Also, Bohtty, I'm not there yet, I'm leaving in about a half hour, and I'm running 32x XP, so I can't run the W7 installer.
  4. Okay, so, my mom and I have to spend the night at my nanny's house, cause she's not doing well, but she doesn't have internet, and her computer doesn't have java installed. It runs windows 7, but I'm on an xp right now, so can someone (who runs W7) copy their java folder, zip it, and send it my way? Like, upload it to mediafire or something? Cause I'd like to play some Minecraft tonight.
  5. Meh, I actually thought it was funny. I agree with 4 and 3, but Fallout: Equestria is great. Also, I haven't read Rainbow Factory yet, but I read Cheerilee's Garden, which is supposedly worse, and love it. Seriously, it's really good.
  6. just found out about the Japanese dub. *is praying that Orikasa Fumiko-san gets cast as Twilight*

    1. Emerald Heart

      Emerald Heart

      Hello,first of all Happy Birthday! I'd like to ask a favor of you-may I use your OC as a background pony in an upcoming fimfic of mine? If you are interested eithor reply here or PM me.

  7. From Lyre to Ire. The other one sounds like a direct ponification of From Russia with love, which I don't think is your intent. Note to self: Change this post to my usual blue later.
  8. Okay, I'm gonna cut to the chase. I've watched Bleach for a while, and ever since I saw the "Peach" PMV, I've wanted to ponify an opening myself. So, right now, I'm doing a rough storyboard/slideshow/whatever using hastily cut-'n'-pasted graphics off the MLP wiki as a proof of concept thing so I can get a couple animators (and one vector artist, though I can find any vector we could need, and I can probably do some traces if needed). What I'm on here for is seeing if there are any flash animators (and people who can use aftereffects) who'll join me after I get my storyboard thing down. I'll post the slideshow as a (choppy) animated gif or something later on. Also, It's opening 12, "chAngE" (Note, the sound's a bit off on the vid below..
  9. Okay, I'm going to try to be fair and objective. 1. Name: The name is a bit... off. Bronze Hunter I can understand, but Bronze Hunt makes him sound like he's the hunt itself, not that he's good at hunting FOR bronze, or whatever. I can help you with names, I'm good at that, but you'd have to give me a tiny bit of info. 2. Color scheme: Base coat color is nice, few people use browns or tans. I'm not a fan of true black manes, because seriously, can you name 3 canon ponies with black manes, or black anything, for that matter? And the pink streaks are a bit too harsh, I'd soften them a few shades. 3. Cutie mark: Can't really help with that until you post a basic backstory.
  10. Hmm. I've thought about trying my hand at pony art. Someone post a link to their OC so I can give it a shot. One at a time though. Also, I'm using a cheap tablet to post this, so that's why I'm not using my blue font. I'll fix it later. Edit: Fixed.
  11. Currently, mine is either BadAzz by PrototypeRaptor or Killswitch Engage's cover of Holy Diver (originally by Dio.) Though it really depends on my mood.
  12. Truthfully, I thought it sucked. It was a good concept, but was terribly written, and the gore was poorly implimented. Overall, a complete disappointment.
  13. How about Larghissimo? It refers to music with a tempo under 20 BPM. Or Adagietto? (61 to 80 BPM). I'm seriously just on Wikipedia looking up musical terms, I don't know jack about music.
  14. *sigh* Allow me to explain. The animals in Equestria are made of Dark Matter. Twi and Spike, along with all other ponies (except Applejack) aren't. Therefore, it's easier to disrupt gravitational fields than to lift them with magic. ... and apparently Twi's magic is weaker than most ponies bodies seeing as everypony can pick up most animals. Then again, animals (except a select few, Ursas for an example) may have an innate ability to partially disrupt gravity that only activates when touched by another animal or a pony, and in that case, her magic isn't weak, the animals' gravity disrupting ability just doesn't kick in when being magically manipulated. --- In all seriousness, that's pretty weird. I gotta watch that episode tonight.