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  1. I'm a derpy, excluding the music part. Classic rock all the way XD
  2. I certainly wouldn't watch it, but if it's what sells, then whatever. Keep in mind that the very basics of My Little Pony are to sell toys to little kids. It may be a marketing masterpiece, but something bronies would hate. (Dang auto-correct keeps changing "bronies" to an assortment of other words)
  3. How did you find MLP Forums?: How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: So I've been gone a while (stupid internet age laws), and I was wondering how the place has changed. So, uhh, what happened in the past 2 years? P.S. - If anyone knows of the formerly named "MadScienceMC", please tell him that I have returned.
  4. It's been so long I feel like I should join Boston

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    2. InspiredBrony


      If you like Queen, you might like them. That's about the only comparison I can draw.

    3. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      i never listened queen

    4. InspiredBrony


      Hoo boy..... Well, just look at them both I suppose

  5. If you joined after season three had started, how long did it take to watch every episode before season three? It took me about two to three weeks. I spent all of my free time on youtube trying to find previous episodes of the series. The only one I couldn't find was "Sleepless in Ponyville", which I later recorded. So, how long did it take you?
  6. New. Episode. So hard. To wait.

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    2. Noire Panzer

      Noire Panzer

      I can't hold all these feels.

    3. InspiredBrony


      It's SOOOOOOOOOO hard. I wish I had a mlp shirt to calm myself down with.

    4. Sweet Pen

      Sweet Pen

      i need to watch it on youtube/dailymonth :V

  7. That actually gives me an idea for another topic. I'll start tomorrow.
  8. I can't even imagine eating the ponies (although I wonder what Pinkie's liver would taste like. Probably sugar). But a dinner with the theme of ponies in it would be great! Just don't drink the punch
  9. Uhhhhh, is this the normal speed that a topic gets replied to, or did I start a popular topic. How about this one. When you see a rainbow, do you wonder why you didn't hear the boom?
  10. I've been doing this for a while and I'm wondering if anyone else does, too. Basically: · If someone say the words "my little (whatever)", do you think "pony" · Does seeing the color pink make you think of Pinkie Pie · Apples - Applejack · Etc. and Etc. There are TONS more reasons, but I'm just giving a basic outline. So, do you think like this? Give some other words or phrases that make you think pony, if you like.
  11. I am sitting in a room full of people while I'm on this website and no one has noticed!

  12. Glad to know that you're out of the closet! That's something I still can't claim for myself in full. I'm fine with people my age, but adults just give me a hard time. People suck
  13. Well, one morning I was drawing some fan art when mom walked in on my drawing. I quickly stuffed the paper under her work, but not fast enough. She walked over and tried to find it, but I hid it well. She didn't find it and asked me what I was doing. I said the chair was very comfortable (actually it's hard as a rock), and she believed me and walked away. I nearly passed out from stress. Unfortunately, she found out later on and now I'm on this site at my own risk. P.S. I'm not exactly a closet brony anymore because a not-nice-person at my school found out and told everybody. But I still hide it and I never tell or show anyone older than me. Which I strange because I'm doing this in my father's work office with about ten other people around me.
  14. I have no idea. I'd probably be a blank flank all the way through high school. The only possible thing would be a... picture of a blank flank?
  15. (There is no comma on this keyboard so please excuse the bad grammar) Twice. The first time was when I was out camping with the boy scout troop when I woke up one morning with a bump on my arm. I just assumed that I had hit it in the night and payed it no mind. After breakfast I noticed that it had swollen and was beginning to itch. I went to the camp nurse got some cream and again went on with my day. The three mile hike was next and I'll admit I was somewhat worried that the bump might get worse. Still I went on with the hike. About halfway through that bump had doubled in size from when I went to the nurse and was beginning to get a headache. The size was worrying but the headache I shrugged off as a sign of dehydration and started to drink water more frenquently. Over the next hour things took a turn for the worse. I started to see less clearly coupled with warped vision when I could see. I began to stray off the path and walk in a drunken fashion. We stopped for a quick break and in that small period of time I want to say I fainted but it was more like a quick slip away from reality. I had not even noticed that my entire arm and hand were swollen. I was shaken back into reality by another scout and we continued on with the hike. The headache had been replaced by numbness throughout my entire body and I actually don't remember anything else up until the point where I was rushed to the doctor. He told me I had a major staff infection coupled with an allergic reaction. He said that it was a spider but he did not know what kind. He also said that the venom had reached my brain but not enough to be serious. The two treatments were to either cut off part of my arm for a guaranteed cure or to take several medications and compresses with a minor chance of success. It took the medication and everything was back to normal after three weeks. That was longer than expected. The second time was three months later at the beach. I was out swimming with my friend's younger brother when I heard him scream for help. He was about ten feet away and drowning. I swam over to him only to realize that he was in a rip current and so was I! So for the next ten minutes I'm fighting the current while I have him on my shoulder acting as a weight (I'm not blaming him but he is kinda heavy) and when we get back guess what? No one cares no one believes and no one gives a crap about what just happened to us! But hey at least I'm alive!