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  1. Thanks for adding me as a friend! I really appreciate it! :D

  2. Thanks for adding me as a Friend! *hugs*

    1. -Inactive-


      *special hugs ^^*

  3. A re-order is in order :P

  4. Just as I found a reason to cone back here (for all the things you do to make this place great) you're gone... Which I guess you have your reasons, And they all add up. You shall be missed.
  5. And now off to school... Yay?

  6. I want to find whoever worked on the My Little Foundation mod for SCP containment breach and give them a huge hug for imaking the mod which introduced me to this wonderus world of pastel ponies

  7. I love these ^^ great artwork, some of the best artwork I've seen recently
  8. I saw a spider run across my floor mid twitter rant, I have started ##InternationalArachnophobiaDay

  9. And time to sleep, goodnight everypony ^^ *hugs*

  10. Ah, so today is your Birthday! :D Well, Happy Super Luper Kuper Birthday to you buddy! ^_^ I hope it is all awesome for you. :D With a delicious cake. :3

  11. Who needs a special somepony when you can just cuddle Rarity, Pinkie, Rainbow, AJ, Flutters and Twilight? <3
  12. I think over a barrel (one of my favorite season 1 episodes and most watched) was the episode when I thought "yeah, looks like I'm in for the long run". From the first episode though (once I skipped the intro) as the episode ended I just rushed to the next before thinking "I love this show" and just watched more and more, all started because I was bored one night after going through all my youtube subscriptions (and because I was playing pony mods of games loads before hand and seeing the show has some really cool lore).
  13. headshop she'd could be a traveling sales person or something, selling remedies to people, stuff like that. or a chemistry teacher as other said, something either sciency or mystical.
  14. Eh... I wouldn't enjoy it that much, I ain't too into action, I sum up the second half of season 4's finalie as Twilight fights tirek for about 10 minutes, then fix it with laser rainbow. and, yes it was memorable, but the part that made that episode good to me was about Discord being good, the action was more just background noise in my opinion, so to do that with a whole movie? yes, have some action, but highly action oriented movie? no, and if it took away from our special girls (like change their personalities to be... more fitting for action) then I'd probably go as far as to class it as non-canon in my mind. I want mah girls, not more explosions. As for ruin the series, no, it couldn't, even in my mind it wouldn't make me not want to watch it because I'd forget that it was even mlp.