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  1. madjack2001

    It's been fun, but I'm out

    Just as I found a reason to cone back here (for all the things you do to make this place great) you're gone... Which I guess you have your reasons, And they all add up. You shall be missed.
  2. madjack2001

    Mares of Harmony (Biker Ponies)

    I love these ^^ great artwork, some of the best artwork I've seen recently
  3. madjack2001

    Hearts 'n Hooves Poll

    Who needs a special somepony when you can just cuddle Rarity, Pinkie, Rainbow, AJ, Flutters and Twilight? <3
  4. madjack2001

    Which Episode First Made You Love the Show/Become a Brony?

    I think over a barrel (one of my favorite season 1 episodes and most watched) was the episode when I thought "yeah, looks like I'm in for the long run". From the first episode though (once I skipped the intro) as the episode ended I just rushed to the next before thinking "I love this show" and just watched more and more, all started because I was bored one night after going through all my youtube subscriptions (and because I was playing pony mods of games loads before hand and seeing the show has some really cool lore).
  5. headshop she'd could be a traveling sales person or something, selling remedies to people, stuff like that. or a chemistry teacher as other said, something either sciency or mystical.
  6. madjack2001

    Would making the MLP Movie highly action-oriented ruin the series?

    Eh... I wouldn't enjoy it that much, I ain't too into action, I sum up the second half of season 4's finalie as Twilight fights tirek for about 10 minutes, then fix it with laser rainbow. and, yes it was memorable, but the part that made that episode good to me was about Discord being good, the action was more just background noise in my opinion, so to do that with a whole movie? yes, have some action, but highly action oriented movie? no, and if it took away from our special girls (like change their personalities to be... more fitting for action) then I'd probably go as far as to class it as non-canon in my mind. I want mah girls, not more explosions. As for ruin the series, no, it couldn't, even in my mind it wouldn't make me not want to watch it because I'd forget that it was even mlp.
  7. madjack2001

    Hello Equestria!

    Welcome to the forums! ^^ Gotta love Rarity, she's so darn cute Enjoy your stay oh yeah, I hug ponies a lot *hugs*
  8. As much as I disliked their videos I still believe in the right to be able to make fan videos and support that. Time to get a terabyte hard drive and store all my favorite pony videos on that in case any get taken down.
  9. madjack2001

    Hello, a fellow trombonist here!

    Welcome to this fine and dandy lil' forum (well not that lil'), you uh... sure do love your trombones, I've never actually played a single wind instrument in my life (even if you include just picked one up and messing around) but I digress, welcome *hugs* enjoy your stay
  10. madjack2001

    Spoiler Which king?

    Spoilers for -The Siege Of The Crystal Empire -Fiendship is Magic #1 -Reflections okay, so let me start, the comics seem to follow each other (fiendship is magic issue one is my reason to believe this), and if this is true then after Reflections, the ponies found the other reality in which King sombra was good, and this was the pony Celestia fell in love with (yeah, take that you shippers), but in TSOTCE Sombra is brought to the light by his love Radiant Hope, so in the other reality, wouldn't King Sombra be brought to the darkness by her (in a reality in which the mane 6 don't cause the balance, as Sombra is now good in the Reflections world and the events of our world have passed with Radiant, and we all know this is possible to access if the infinite reality theory is present)? if you think about it each action would need to make sense, so Radiant was bad from the start... then became... bad? see, the characters seem to switch from good to bad in that world (as we can see from Princess Luna of the Reflections world having been good for a bit but bad again) and Radiant hope didn't go through a change, if anything she became bad for a bit... so Radiant would have become good? if a timeline was to be made where would she fit into all this? Radiant hope is a key character for Sombra's point of view... would she be the queen of Equestria of the reflections world? but then she would be bad, correct? there are many other things which would be a major change since The Siege Of The Crystal Empire flipping the villian from bad to good. But then again the other world's difference could be something far from the good being bad, as there are other factors which could change this (see the bad mane 6). Another great point is that in the other world the King would have actually been taken to the darkness by Radiant Hope instead of the light maybe, there are almost an infinite amount of comics that could be produced from the simple change. Anypony got any errors with my idea or any bits to add?
  11. Mount them on my wall, and keep them in mint condition (as long as I was sure that there was no way to Equestria with them, if I could some how build a portal to Equestria... then I'd use them for that ASAP) plus I only have 3 friends close enough to use the elements of harmony with me around here... so they couldn't even be used for their main rainbow attack
  12. madjack2001

    What MLP episode would NOT make one become a brony?

    Baby cakes (yes, I'm gonna bash on the episode everypony has already bashed on many times) doesn't show what the show really showed, if you understand what I just said, I think episodes that weren't as character based and more... cheap comedy were the bad ones, because we all love our colourful gals ^^ and if they ain't "the gals with love" then it feels weird. I think if they were to become a person who watches mlp then some comedic bits go well, but in my view a brony is seperate from a person who watches it by the emotional connection to the characters, but that's just me, and I am the iron silly pony! but my episodes to show to non-bronies are always from season one, you gotta see the characters from the start to the finish and look and how they've grown and it makes it feel so much more special Edit: seeing Slive of life mentioned actually does make sense, the references they made were very brony based
  13. madjack2001

    Favorite Equestria Girls Movie?

    1. Which EG Movie is your favorite and why (EG/RR/FG)? Friendship games is my favorite, though it's tied with Rainbow Rocks I felt Friendship games had a better plot with human Twilight being consumed by power (so, take the idea of Sunset Shimmer as a villian, then do the first movie right, no offence to those who enjoyed the first movie, I did but... no where near as much as the last two) 2. Favorite Equestrian Girl/ Guy? Sunset Shimmer, from the comic "The Fall of Sunset Shimmer" (any EQ fan must read this and the other EQ comics!) to the movies, she was relatable, fun, and just awesome, I love that bacon-haired girl. I love my main girls, but Sunset fits better in the human world (anypony else vote to banish all Flash's to the human world? sorry to those of you that liked him, I just don', he can't steal my Twilight if he's in another world, right?) 3. Favorite EQG song? I can't stop listening to right there in front of me at the moment, so hard, Rainbow rocks had an awesome all round soundtrack (Rainbow Rocks, Shake your tail, and all the others having played over and over many times) and songs like Friendship games (that song sent a chill up my spine to tell me, get ready for an amazing movie). ah, it's so hard, guess I'll do with Shake your tail because I was obsessed with that song.
  14. madjack2001

    Which reformed villain was best and which was worst?

    If I could include the comics then I would probably choose King Sombra (and I hope the show doesn't go and reform him and mess up the whole thing), for anypony who has ready The Seige Of the Crystal Empire (and all the comics leading up to that) would understand that King Sombra was a villian that never wanted to be a villian in a way, but ended up becoming one anyway, and then has to find his way back from what he made himself. Though take out the comics and I think Discord, though Discord wasn't really reformed by season 3 for me and it was actually at season 4's finalie that I thought he was truely on a path to redemption, from that moment with Twilight, it was done in steps over a season rather than the ending of a single episode The Great and Powerful TRIXIE was done in the blink of an eye, and is slightly like King Sombra in the way that she became a villian (though through the Alicorn Amulet), and then suddenly she was sorry and all and that was that, maybe she fits better to not count as a villian but more of a trickster. Starlight Glimmer I don't even remember being reformed, just that she was reformed and that was that and she's now good or something, don't even remember why, so it wasn't as memorable. Edit: oh yeah, that was that love thing... huh, I felt like I'd already seen that done in the comics with Sombra (fiendship is magic #1) and it was too rushed Sunset Shimmer's (somepony give me a bacon colour for her name) was okay... yes it was rushed (and I may be a bit uneven because I'm an EQ fan), but she was reformed entirely very quickly, and it was the rest of the world which couldn't forgive her, which was interesting. Nightmare moon. I'm still not sure if Nightmare Moon is like a demon that takes her over or she just likes to call herself that, but it's the classic first episode, and we do see (from Do Princess's dream of magic sheep?) that Luna never really forgave herself for what she did Was Iron will reformed? for some reason my mind is thinking he was (too much shipping art... or maybe it was the comics). Edit: oh and DT... felt too... weird for her to be reformed, and what they are gonna do with her now, I have no idea, but it was a fun episode, just her suddenly out of nowhere being good inside just felt weird. so worst: DT and Starlight best: King Sombra
  15. madjack2001

    How heavy is Princess Celestia?

    This is the greatest topic ever. Going by my knowledge (if we assume the micro-series comics are canon... as that's about my only evidence of how her day goes normally) I'd say she's light actually, (lighter than most anyway) based off of how her day goes in issue #10 of the micro-series (eating specific things like wheat thins and all to make sure she is in some sort of perfectly healthy lifestyle...)... and there is also the way she looks too... not that big in my opinion... oh I love to just add my comic knowledge into things... but due to me wasting my life on said comics and stuff like that... I don't know how much anything should weigh on average... even our little ponies... so I can't give no weight... (also, anypony who uses all those fancy things (you know, because all fandoms do) to figure this out, why not just skip the shortcut and get that portal to Equestria done? )