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  1. Can we really answer this question? I mean we like ponies, how could we imagine, how someone feels about MLP, who doesn’t like the show? Anyway, brony or not, I would need to love the person. And if their are some other interest in common, I think it could work. If their is not really common interest, it could get kinda problematic. If I imagine a would date a sport guy, I think this wouldn’t work out too good, I wouldn¨t like to watch sport shows with him or doing a lot of sport together. So that would surely be a problem then, I think. Sure, one does not need to have every interest in common and need to do everything together, but if one have totally opposing interest and get bored on the interest of the other person, I think it could be difficult. So I think, if one is not pegasister, similar problems could maybe occur. But like I said, it depends also on other interest of the person. Anyway, what is the problem with cloppers?I mean most men do clop to something, maybe not to drawn ponies, but would one feel better if they do it to women?
  2. I liked her and also loved her voice. I also think she is an interesting character.
  3. That sounds so great, I want to eat it. Guinea Pig?
  4. @Hyper Tumble Why do you not understand it? Just because most people let limited their wardrobe to gender-specific clothes? Why should they try to fool someone or so, can‘t people not just wear whatever they like to?
  5. I go to the gym, do various weight training exercises and endurance training, mostly on the crosstrainer, but also on the sit-bike-thing. I started to exercise, because I wanted to loose weight. I feel way better now and also notice, how I really got more strength and endurance. However I wouldn’t call me that much sporty. But yeah it did get better, so I look forward to it.
  6. About it could be worse, I see also not, what this sentence should do. It maybe make rather more depressed than anything else. I mean you can’t help this people either, should one feel bad, because one has more? Should one ignore one’s problem, just because there are worser problems? You just tell people, they are weak, because they can’t even endure such less problems. Yeah I think high suicide rates speaks another languages. Really the thought, of it could getting worse, is exactly what would paralyze me. And I think especially depressed people, this will make them just feel more worse. They may exactly know, that it could be worser, and that is exactly their worry, that it get worser.
  7. Mr. Peabody and Sherman, I really loved that movie and was surprised on how good it was.
  8. Anime/Manga fandom, however I’m still there, but not as active anymore.
  9. Ok, I personally don’t like the design of moshi monster that much. It’s a game right? I can imagine that some people do like that sort of game, also among adults. (I just see it here, many adults enjoy playing games on facebook and so on.) Yet I do however not know somepony who plays it.
  10. The Luna picture on the right site, looks distorted. You can scale a pictures evenly, when pressing Shift while using the transform tool. For adding new fonts, you can download a font, click on the file you have then and it will automatically to your font collection on your computer. ^^ Anyway, the card looks good so far.
  11. I read at the moment Über, Sandman, MLP, Unwritten, Manhattan Projects etc. @Pinkie Perry This comic is on my wish list. It really looks interesting and I like stories with non-human animals as main characters.
  12. @Raidenpuff But, if you feel being a woman, then it is not cross dressing when wearing women’s clothing, not?
  13. Welcome here, I’m to FTM,or at least kinda, I feel more between not exactly male.
  14. I surely don’t want a normal boyfriend, I think I won‘t come along with a normal person. (Or they not with me, they just thinks everything as strange, what I says and surely liking MLP does count as strange too in their eyes.) Anyway boyfriend doesn’t need to be a brony, however he should also have no problem, that I like the series. (What he won’t else, he would have maybe way more troubles with way more strange attributes of mine.)