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  1. lablayers

    Airsoft cosplay

    Responded in another post, but posession of airsofts are illegal in Philadelphia (you can't have a water gun on public property either!) Philadelphia has specific laws that are stricter than Pennsylvania laws, more here:
  2. lablayers

    Schedule availability

    Attached is the final schedule. It will be on the site shortly. The event runs 10am-1am past midnight on Friday/Saturday; and 10am-5pm on Sunday. The concert runs 8pm-1am on Friday/Saturday. Expect a lineup and approximate performance times early next week. FinalScheduleWitBorders.pdf
  3. lablayers

    How do i schedule amtrak with no Con schedule

    Events run 10am thru 1am after midnight on Friday/Saturday; and 10am thru 5pm on Sunday. Allow yourself at least ~30 mins to get to Amtrak station via public transit or driving. Hope that answers your question!
  4. lablayers

    Food glorious food

    @DerpyDad, if you're in for the tourist experience, head over to Pat's and Geno's in South Philly. They're right across the corner from each other but it's worth trying a cheesteak from both joints. Personally my favorite cheesteak place I love Carmen's inside Reading Terminal Market but everyone will have wildly different opinions of best cheesteak places.
  5. lablayers

    Airsoft cosplay

    Victor from FillyCon here - Philadelphia has weapons policies that differ from Pennsylvania laws. It essentially states that you can not possess any type of airsoft gun. (Heck, even water guns are banned on public property!) It also prohibits open carry in public property without permit. Here is the law straight from the City Safety Codes: Additionally, FillyCon is located in a crowded downtown area in the northeast and people have a perception that only the police should be carrying weapons. Having any type of item closely resembling a weapon could get you improperly arrested/charged with disturbing the peace or creating a public nuisance - this happened to a few cosplayers at Philly's Wizard World Comic-Con. So no, you may not use airsoft guns as your cosplay at FillyCon. It's illegal to have one in the first place. Keep in mind that FillyCon is a family-friendly event and we want to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible. Hope that answers your question!
  6. lablayers

    Schedule availability

    FillyCon's schedule still in the planning phase as Panel/Activity/Musician applications are open until Aug 1st. Our goal is to have the schedule up on the website ~ 2 weeks before the con starts - stay tuned on social media for updates!
  7. There's a another little-known way to get to Philadelphia from the NYC area through public transit: Go to any NJ Transit Northeast Corridor line station and purchase tickets to "Philadelphia 30th Street" (it will cost $25.75 from New York Penn Station). Then hop on any Trenton-bound Train. Transfer at Trenton to a Philly-bound SEPTA train across the platform Get off at Suburban Station (even though your ticket will say 30th Street) Walk 5-7 minutes south to the venue. Here's a regional transit map I made combining all of the major transit systems, let me know if you have any questions!
  8. lablayers

    Food glorious food

    I can't seem to decide but as of right now I'm a Pat's fan. But no matter what you always gotta go wit dat cheez whiz - that's the only real philly cheesteak topping
  9. Share your adventure with another attendee from FillyCon! If you're looking for a ride from anywhere across the east coast (or even the country) start a thread in the this forum: Click here to post a rideshare thread! Here are a few ground rules to follow: If you're traveling by car, split the cost for gas! Please Private Message, Skype, or Email personal information. FillyCon and/or Poniverse can not be held liable for anything that happens in this forum.
  10. We have partnered with MLP Forums to provide a medium of discussion for our fellow community members. Here, you can chat about anything and everything related to FillyCon! There are four categories for discussions: FillyCon - general discussion regarding the event, including guests, vendors, volunteers, and more FillyCon/Lodging - discussion of things like room shares and nearby hotels FillyCon/Transportation - discussion of things like ride shares and travel plans FillyCon/Philadelphia - our resident staff members will answer your questions about the city Any discussions unrelated to FillyCon should be posted to the other categories on MLP Forums. There are sections dedicated to show discussions, role-play, serious life questions and more! By posting to this section of the forums, you agree to abide to both MLP Forums’s Terms and FillyCon’s Code of Conduct.
  11. I would love to see a episode based on my very hometown - Fillydelphia! It's been mentionned a gazillion times in the show, and it would be interesting to see what the show's creative people had to say about my city
  12. lablayers

    Fandom Q+A Ward Jenkins Q&A

    Which MLP characters would you love to invite to a dinner party and why?
  13. lablayers

    Lets make a Song Forum Game :3

    Muffins are love. Muffins are life.
  14. lablayers

    For The Transit Fans: Company Profile: SEPTA

    I've been a huge fan of SEPTA since I was a little filly (literally.) The roads here are poorly maintained/congested it's usually the best option when it comes to getting around the region, especially during rush hour. I'm a regular rider of the Market-Frankford line for commuting, bus 57 takes me to various grocery stores, and busses 21/42/125 takes me to my commonly frequented spots across town. Their trolley routes (all except 10) covers most of West Philly & University City (mmm cheesteaks and college students!) Their regional rail network lets me travel as far north as Trenton (transfers to NYC via NJ Transit), as far south as Newark DE (shuttles to Baltimore), and as far west as Paoli (I was once there to visit DuckDuckGo) - but I mainly ride it to get across Center City for free (a commonly-known loophole.) It's useful to have an unlimited anywhere Transpass handy, because it lets me travel across the suburbs for tech meetups, pick up friends the airport, and travel to the only Costco in the area (aka Warminster). I do want to add that there is only one ALP-44 in rotation on SEPTA's Regional Rail network and it's used only as a backup train during rush hour. It's more common to see a newer Silverliner V and it's really nice There's also service to Camden across the river not operated by SEPTA (notably PATCO, ferries, and NJ Transit's Atlantic City) but the mentality of the average Philadelphian is along the lines of "eww" so no one visits it.
  15. lablayers

    How late can you stay up till?

    I sleep for 2-4 hours at a time, twice a day, so I don't really have an established bedtime. But there has been a time where I've been awake for 52 hours straight by running a hackathon.