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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Who are brony and who are just a mlp fan? Im confused, which i am. I draw ponies and craft them, listen music (bronies are very good at electronics and not so good at metal) But with all those 5 years i have not make any brony friend, almost nobody not ansver my posts on forums and chats. Im like a real fan but not feel like im part of community.
  3. Hah Experied Not approved to the group Time to stop annoy folk here with uncanny valleys and ugly sculptures
  4. Very weird rules then Comparing with other artist's works are very important part of criticizing and arguing over works in such topics and such topics are started for criticizing and commentts in the first place.
  5. Full name not yet invented, but other know her as miss Rosenblatt. Half-breed crystal alicorn Descend from refugees around era of king Sombra wars, born somewhere on the small outskirts community, exact parents are unknown but one of them was an earth pony, and she have strong connections with earth magic. Hes special talent are planting and rising decorative shrubs and hedges, cutting and shaping them, her CM are rose leaves. Other ponies respect and afraid her as alicorn and afraid to come closer friends. Lack of close friends and special somepony causes stress, what causes in turn eating disorder and obesity. For acguire superpowers need to learn magic in High Schools of Canterlot with great arcanists, but she have never learned magic and uses it like usula wannabe unicorns, mostly for telekinesis and illumination. What means she are nothing like overpowered mary sue, druther shy and helples with her overweight. But beautiful.
  6. Soobel

    Celestia Fan Club

    Anybody remember that face?
  7. Merry Birthiversary!

  8. Its from my native estonian language: both great and big have same word "suur" and that Trixie are not big.