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  1. I am feeling sad today been thinking about my mom having surgery and not making it.

    1. Amanita
    2. Pr0m4NV14


      I really hope everything will be all better soon.

  2. I am sorry to all may roleplays For some reason I cannot reply to any of them and it is pissing me off something fierce. So sorry for the delay I will try again in a bit

  3. looking through my followers list and it saddens me that only a few of them are still around and a lot of them just stopped suddenly a year or two ago. but I hope they are okay.

    1. Prospekt


      I've had several followers suddenly leave in the past year or so. A few of them said their goodbyes, but more of them just vanished completely. :/

  4. Well I wake up this morning and ask what will I do today I could sculpt a statue, paint a picture, play video games but then I realize I love sitting on my bed and typing on my kindle way more. maybe not as much as games

  5. Finally back and looking forward to catching up on all my status updates yay!

  6. when life gives you lemons make lemonade and sell it to buy more lemons then repeat

  7. Wow after looking over The Last September to turn it into a Fanfic I realized I haven't been very active as of late which is kinda sad.

  8. well Back once again in nearly two months due to working

  9. OMG been busy packing for college for a week or two man it''s good to be back once more.

  10. well I go to art school in less than a month.

  11. have you ever wondered why we're here?

  12. Well the world of Fallout Equestria confuses the hell out of me Even after reading the story I still don't get it.

  13. I am back, now time to read my messages.

  14. I will begone for the next three days so I will leave you with this. if a man speaks in a forest but no women to hear him is he still wrong?

  15. if a tree falls down and nobody is around to hear ithow does somebody know it fell in the first place?

    1. 4HFan


      Words of wisdom!

    2. Alpharius


      Hmm superman could hear it if he was real but good point

  16. If women are always right then what happens when two have a disagreement

    1. 4HFan


      I never thought of that...

    2. 4N71-V1LL41N


      Then Chuck Norris has to play mediator for a day.

  17. I just finished watching a rather interesting anime named Puella magi Madoka Magica

  18. working on character development for college 'because i am bored

  19. someone told me you failed 50 times. But I said no i learned 50 ways how to burn toast into a liquid state

  20. Made new rp now for the hard part waiting for someone to join in

  21. Made new rp now for the hars p a art

  22. i am back. now i need to check all 498 notifications goody

    1. Meanlucario


      Good luck with that.

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