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  1. i would like to join if there isnt too many people already. I have an oc named Phobia Dusk who could fit into this rp given she is a child. so here i would link her character page but im currently making an updated version atm (i was gone a while and her old one was Archived when they updated the character stuff) I'll link it when im done. if you have questions before i link her page just ask ok.
  2. 0_0 i am sorry i been gone for too long, lets just say i have been through a lot the past year. anyway i will be trying to come here more often.

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    2. Splashee


      It's going to be "something". Starting off with a movie, all 3D rendered.

      I am not that into 3D. But, if the ponies look good, who knows, it might be the future if MLP?

    3. Scare Effect

      Scare Effect

      @Splashee I didn't know it was going to be 3d animated. Hmm now I'm even more curious about what they will do.

    4. Kyoshi


      Ah, okay. That was a decent time ago so it definitely is tough to remember. Always good to see someone returning here regardless. :yay: 

  3. @megisawsm417 @Demencia Red followed suit heading taking his leave. He needs to prepare his clan for what ever the danger that Jinx had foreseen in her vision whatever it is they must prepare to prevent casualties.
  4. Red star, “ I believe I was the last one to give my report” he looked at the others waiting for something given he forgotten who gave their reports.
  5. “So do I especially if the winter is going to be as bad as I think it’s going to be,” Jinx agreed. “Yes shall we continue,” Redstar agreed
  6. “I will take the lead, just in case it’s not a hostile,” Blossom says drawing her pistol and walked to the stairs. “Stay close we don’t need to get separated.”
  7. @Inlé jinx winced at the mention of the medicine cat. “Willow we currently don’t have one, but I gathered catleaf when I wasn’t watching the kits,” she said sadly. Red listened waiting to here what robinstar had to say.
  8. Radiant thought about the question but decided it wouldn’t hurt to tell him. “They call me Radiant Blossom,” she said plainly. “Seems I might have to head back to the stallion who hired me to check up on this town and tell that every pony seems to have either disappeared or or killed.” “Anyway I better get going the sun is setting and I need to find a place to stay for the night.”she said before turning from the stallion and tumble heading to the stairs.
  9. @Randimaxis oh oh my gosh I’m sorry I haven’t replied in a while,
  10. "I dunno it showed me snow lots of it and it was cold enough to freeze my fur," jinx says. Red looks up. "Yes sounds like a great addition to your clan Robinstar," he said letting out a sigh.
  11. Blossom put her gun away and approached the door cautiously and opens it and steps out. "Alright let's talk,"
  12. "Because if i did i would have shot you when your robot fell down." she shot back. "Plus I'm a bounty hunter, i hunt outlaws not murder innocent ponies."
  13. @Dream Walker @megisawsm417 Red grew silent. Just listening to the other leaders talk. @Dream Walker "Thanks Willow," she said with a purr. "Though I do have some bad news, I just received another vision."
  14. @Dream Walker How about this after the storm due to scarce prey and sickness it can cause tension between the clans and can lead to a second conflict after the storm passes. But I do agree it would be both.
  15. @Dream Walker @megisawsm417 Ok before I continue with the visions I need to know more about the conflict is it the storm or the aftermath of the storm?
  16. @Dream Walker @megisawsm417 "Well she thinks it might happen during the winter, though I'm not one hundred percent sure." Red said. "But once she knows more I'll let you all know, as she said it will affect all clans," @Dream Walker "Its ok Willow," jinx said approaching the warrior. "I am sorry to make you worried."
  17. @Dream Walker @megisawsm417 "Yes, according to her premonition there is something thats gonna happen that will effect the clans but she doesn't know exactly what it is, " he explained leaving out the mention of the kittypet @Dream Walker Jinx got the feelin of being watched. "Hello whose there?"
  18. @Dream Walker @megisawsm417 "Oh Sky clan is fine," Red answered straightening up. "But I am troubled about something, you remember the stray our clan took in prior to the mudslide?" @Dream Walker Jinx sighed before walking off, she looked up at the stars and suddenly felt cold her fur felt like it was frozen, returning her gaze to the forest, finding it covered in ice thicker than she ever seen. Suddenly a harsh wind blew in her face causing her to close her eyes and when she opened them again she was no longer surrounded by ice, and she no longer felt cold. "W
  19. @Dream Walker @megisawsm417 While they leaders talked Redstar zoned out thinking of what Jinx said that the future of the clans would change come winter but even she didn't know what and that scared Red. @Dream Walker Jinx looked at willow, "im not hungry," she said sitting down.
  20. @Dream Walker @megisawsm417 "Well seems she was right again," Red mumbled to himself, thinking of Jinx's words about the kitty pet and their link to some unseen trajedy but he kept those thoughts to himself. @Dream Walker The large queen instantly felt a little better though she still was down trodden about what Juniper said. Soon a golden brown she-cat with emerald eyes walked up to the two. "Ok Jinx you should get some rest it's my turn to watch the kits for a bit." She said sweetly. "Thanks Sapling I I guess I am a little tired from last night." She got
  21. With a deep breath she had to think of a way to not get shot while also probably talk to the stallion she sure as hell can't walk into the hallway. So she closed the door before calling out her revolver ready. "Hey do you know what happened to these people!?" She yelled hiding behind the desk.
  22. @Dream Walker @megisawsm417 Red sighed ."i guess everything is pretty much the same in skyclan, we also got five new kits." @Dream Walker "Yeah just wish she was the only one," jinx said before gathering the other kits making sure they didn't wonder off.
  23. Blossom closes the door and took a deep breath and tried to think of how she can get past those two without getting noticed, but she decided to try and sneak past them first and if you they try to attack her she can hopefully stun them with a Firework flash. Taking a deep breath she opened the door and looked to see if they were close.
  24. @Dream Walker @megisawsm417 "Yeah but I am nervous you all will not believe me again," he straightens up. "Now that all of us are here I guess we can start the meeting. @Dream Walker "Yes but you should have been more alert they shouldn't have been in danger in the first place," Juniper yelled. "I'm sorry, b-" Jinx started but was cut off by angry queen. "DON'T SPEAK TO ME OUTSIDER EVER SINCE YOU SHOWED UP FIRST IT WAS THE MUDSLIDE THAT KILLED HALF OUR CLAN INCLUDING OUR MEDICINE CAT AND NOW YOU ALMOST GOT MY KITS KILLED!" she yelled at the large she-cat before
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