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  1. Lol I meant when the stream starts guys. Post refs in stream, Lol I am live now. Post ref in stream here: https://furstre.am/stream/Dragonsmaw I am live folks: https://furstre.am/stream/Dragonsmaw Only refs IN STREAM will be considered!
  2. Hey all you bronies and pegasisters, I will be holding a livestream pony request event around 7 pm Central time tonight. Those of you who want to join in merely have to post your ponies. Can be fan made ponies in the stream. I will get to as many as I can before the stream is over. A new journal will be posted when it starts so don't worry. Any questions, feel free to post them here. ~DJPon-3
  3. Pony Request Stream Tonight @ 7pm Central time. Details here:http://dubstep-dragon.deviantart.com/journal/Pony-Request-Stream-Later-473368510

  4. I am curious, are you also in need of visual artists?
  5. I may be willing to contribute some art for the artbook if you like. Email is the best way to chat with me but skype works well too. Let me know.
  6. I would love to contribute visual art to this project. Here is an example of my work.http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dragonsmaw/ My Skype is DJPone-3. Please let me know.if you are interested.
  7. DJpon-3

    Visual Art Some Non_Pony Stuffs:

    Sorry for the late reply. I am currently open for requests but it depends on what you may want. Feel free to message me x3
  8. Really sorry I have been gone so long everyone. laptop crashed then my tablet crashed so I haven't been able to do much.

  9. Djpone-3.deviantart.com is my main pony art site!!!
  10. Both the sketch and the colored pencil versions of one of my favorite ponies of them all. Vinyl Scratch is the most amazing pony and I love her design and all that she does. Lately I have been wanting to go back into traditional art so I had my colored pencils one night and just decided to try my hand at coloring with my prismas. Constructive critique is welcome!!! I hope you all enjoy them!!
  11. This is amazingly epic. I would love to have a party with this theme. Lovely and I bet it was amazing party.
  12. Wow, I have been gone for a while....

  13. DJpon-3

    Alright Everypony

    No problem! Hope to see you around.
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