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  1. printf("hello there");

  2. I'm gonna go ahead and lay claim to all the fish. Thx.
  3. Because it violates the game's Terms of Service. It's not that expensive, just buy the game.
  4. You bought the game correct? You can't use a cracked version to join the server.
  5. Also can I just say I absolutely love orcas????

    1. Ion the Orca

      Ion the Orca

      Yes, you can.

      Because I do too. :D

    2. Satsuki Kiryuin
  6. First off, calm down. You'll get help, you just need to be patient. Try restarting Minecraft first. After that, try restarting your computer. Let me know if those don't work.
  7. Cross-server chat was in-planning for a long time but put on hold because we couldn't agree on a good way to implement it. I wish PArc the best in figuring out how they want to improve on it, and hopefully they find a way that everyone enjoys. As for This, on the other fin, is complete BS. Our nickname system was built to prevent players from copying/impersonating others, but never in my life would I have supported banning canon names. There might be a slight scuffle here and there over names, which is easily resolved; restricting players' freedom to nickname themselves is something I would have never supported. That said, it's PArc's servers now and I hope they find a way to balance things out to make both players and staff happy.
  8. Nuclear weapons are a deterrent. They're extremely heavily regulated, and if any country were ever to actually use them in the modern day, the backlash would be enormous. The U.S. doesn't maintain them so that they can use them, they maintain them so that nobody else with nuclear weapons would risk using theirs against them. EDIT: A fun read for those that are arguing about "would the troops push the button":