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  1. Oh god. I can't be anything but with the Drama kids. I'm a drama kid irl lol
  2. I stopped believing in Santa at 12 because I almost got bullied for still believing. Basically my peers gave it away to me. I don't even have a chimney so it never made sense anyway.
  3. If the mane six or seven are seniors, what the hell is Big Mac doing at their school? He's older than them, isn't he??? Unless he visits the school a lot as alumni, I don't get it one bit. Maybe Fluttershy has a weird birthday like I do. She would have started Kindergarten at 4 but she got held back from starting until she was 5. That almost happened to me but it didn't. Fluttershy started senior year at 17 and graduates at 18. I started at 16 and graduated at 17. Go September birthdays
  4. It depends. I started using Bulk Biceps instead of Snowflake after he was given his canon name. I mostly prefer fanon names though. Derpy Hooves, Dr Whooves, Bon-Bon, Lyra Heartstrings. I use both of Vinyl Scratch's names since DJ P0N-3 could be her stage name.
  5. I usually open my ponies once I finally have a place to display them. Some of the Comic-Con ponies like the ones with the SWAROVSKI crystals I keep boxed up on display because the boxes are beautiful.
  6. Those rare but awesome moments when the person checking my pony goods is a brony or knows about MLP because their like ponies.
  7. I had been called a baby and a kindergartner a couple times in high school but I ignore it because annoying high schoolers talk out their ass. A couple years ago my EX-best friend got mad at me because I was "embarrassing her" for dressing up as Fluttershy to school on Halloween. AND I've gotten some mean comments and replies online but they just move on because I barely even read them before ignoring them.. My brony experience has been pretty much entirely positive let alone those few incidents.
  8. Sims 3 was my first sims game. I played Sims 2 and Sims Medieval for a bit while playing 3. I'm now exclusively play Sims 4. I never even bought the original and I wouldn't be able to play it with current technology if I did buy it.
  9. My thinking voice and my voice how I hear myself is more feminine than my real voice. I wish I really sound like the way I think I sound. I feel like my voice really sounds like a prepubescent boy.
  10. RainbowPastel

    Movies/TV New Teletubbies House Revealed

  11. I was fortunate enough to not witness it to the point where I can actually remember it, but yeah, that was not funny one bit. The fandom has come a long way and have matured since then, even though there still is that side.
  12. Ya I wish. It seems to get bigger, the amount of people who leave are the same amount who join at a single time
  13. YES At least they weren't forced to censor it if they could in any way, but I bet that episode will be banned in at least one country. I thought it was funny tho. I had more of Mrs Doubtfire in mind than transgender. Knowing the internet, ESPECIALLY TUMBLR, I had that little voice in my head saying someone will complain. But yes, still far more under control than it was two years ago.
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