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  1. I like Jesse with a hoodie too though.
  2. Ok here's a completed version of Saul doing his famous "Better Call Saul!" pose. I made him grey/brown because I think it works with his super colourful suits. I guess now i'll have to do the rest of he Better Call Saucast soon too, huh?
  3. Just some various Jesse poses.
  4. Thanks for the advice! I'm trying to do more dynamic poses, but I have trouble coming up with interesting ones in general. And its even harder to do with ponies considering theyre four legged, and also trying to capture the likeliness of the characters. Is there anyone pony pose sheets or tutorials you recommend I look at? That would be very helpful. Also i'm going to try and do saul soon because of the new better call saul spin off. I think i'm going to try and ponify this pose. This is what I have of Saul so far. I'm sorry. I keep making these out of boredom. I hope im not annoying anyone by doing so. Idk why but I think my Hank Scrader is pretty spot on.
  5. Why not? I think it would be a lot more convienant for someone who mixes a lot of chemicals and stuff to use magic. Especially as walt does it professionally. Just makes sense to me
  6. Awesome. Which part of season 5 may I ask? Part 1 or 2? Both are fantastic imo. You should regardless of my fanart. It's a fantastic show. The best i've ever seen. Haha Thanks! Glad you like them! I love hearing from you guys. Makes me happy when people reply here.
  7. Jesse, Badger, an Skinny Pete yo! *still gotta figure out their cutie marks. Edit: Super messy boxcutter sketch.
  8. maybe I will do a sketch of gus with his face blown off, if I have the time. I'm actually almost done Skinny pete and badger and I love that suggestion with the piano! I have no idea what i'd use for badger's cutie mark though. Other than a literal badger or something.
  9. Ok so these are basically just concept sketches of what Tuco and Gus could look like as ponies. Tell me what you think. I kept Tuco's shirt and Gus' tie becaus I foundboth prety iconictotheir characters. I also made Tuco's kinda crazy looking and Gus' more dead looking because that basically defines their characters for me. Tuco Gus Reference pics
  10. Who cares? I have fun making these and some people enjoy them. It's just fanart and I like ponifying the characters from my favourite show. I am aware that they're very different shows and the context of the breaking bad universe mixed with the lighthearted mlp universe probably wouldn't work. But whatever. This is all in good fun. Everything else has been ponified. Why not include breaking bad into the mix?
  11. Thinking of doing more. Who do you guys wanna see most next?
  12. You are obsessed with Jesse Pinkman

    1. BreakingJesse


      I am as well

      Let's be best friends forever

    2. Swoony


      I'm up for that.

  13. I 'm an introverted Pinkie Pie apparently.
  14. Skyler Anyone have any ideas on what her cutie mark could be?
  15. Thanks! I think my filter one is the best too...I think the faded colours do feel more Breaking Bad esque, so it fits. And yeah i'll for sure do more characters soon. I'm having way more fun with this than I should. Haha