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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Found a vendor at the Salt Lake Comic Con earlier this month that was selling MLP plushes and he had an Apple Fritter in perfect condition!! (The one on display was not aligned but I saw another in the crate behind the table and asked if I could check it out. My life's goal is now complete: I have Apple Fritter!
  4. Nightmares??? You should love it! That's my absolute favorite picture of Sunny! My internet seems to be malfunctioning and not actually quoting properly atm...dang. I mean to quote you, Aurora Wolf
  5. I never owned Red or Blue versions. I had Yellow, so Pikachu was always my starter. However, since Yellow let you capture exactly one of each of the "Starter" Pokemon during the gameplay, Squirtle became my favorite of the three. Having a Blastoise with Hydro Pump and Surf was invaluable to me in many, many battles. He was the only Starter that I ever used enough to get him up to level 100 (besides my Pikachu, of course)!
  6. Thanks for voting! I like too many of them and hopefully between this forum and my FB poll I can get a better idea of which to go for! Sev is currently leading across both polls, despite low voting numbers (just like the American presidential voting usually has! XD
  7. Last week I went to my first Comic Con and had a blast! The last day of the Con, I ran in to an old friend and it turns out that he's a member of the 501st Legion, a worldwide volunteer organization of Star Wars fans that have the best-of-the-best Star Wars cosplay. He was cosplaying as Clone Captain Rex. We got talking on Facebook a couple days later and he sort of drafted me into the 501st...haha I'm trying to decide which Clone Trooper's armor I want to build. Here are pictures of the ones that have made my personal Top 5: CLONE MARSHAL COMMANDER "CODY" CLONE ARC TROOPER "COLT" CLONE ARC TROOPER "ECHO" CLONE COMMANDO CAPTAIN "GREGOR" CLONE COMMANDER "WOLFFE" CLONE DELTA SQUADRON SNIPER "SEV"
  8. I freaking love this scene so much
  9. Just got back from the theater an hour ago and I liked it more than the critics made me think I would. I've had a crush on Harley Quinn since watching Batman the animated series. Sure, some of the characters should have gotten more screen time and development, but eh. Harley!
  10. Well, shoot. There goes my last insulin shot...
  11. I think you meant, "Rainbow Badash..."
  12. I thought she was gorgeous. She initially reminded me (and I know many others) of Esmeralda from Hunchback of Notre Dame with all the bangles and scarves and jewelry.
  13. PE Brony

    Luna Fan Club

    Why would anypony be limited to just one amazing pony?? I follow a whole bunch of 'em! (99% of my notifications are from various fanclubs! haha) I haven't posted for a while, so here's a load of Luna stuff!
  14. If you're not wanting to give it away as MLP, you can go with something more vague. This one actually gets laughs as a text tone Discord makes a good ringtone too
  15. This 8bit version of Pinkie Pie's Parasprite Polka is probably my favorite one though... EquestriaGuy reminded me of it. haha