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  1. Indicus fought off a hunter that tried to sneak up on him finishing the mare with a stab through the stomach. Shadow Step was also finishing off one last attacker clearing the immediate area. "One would have thought they would send better fighters, this is barely wetting my appetite and their blood tastes like piss." Indicus groaned. Shadow Step chuckled, "Almost any fighter that faces you stands no chance Indi." "Not my fault they can't swing a sword." Shadow Step laughs at Indicus' remark.
  2. With the way clear Nebula Star smiled, "So I can go at it without worrying about others? What a treat." Nebula drew her sword and moved down the hall the first group she found was guarding the hall and spotted her immediately. Before the first one could shout he found a sword in his gut and the second took a deep cut in his stomach that poured blood before her blade cut across his neck. Within three minutes all eight soldiers were dead or very close to it. "Well that was easy." Nebula said as she continued down the hall.
  3. The path to the entrance was filled with the dead when Nebula entered the base itself she found one path without as much blood staining the ground. "Well it seems we go left some others can stay at the entrance to take care of any patrols that may still be on their way back. Everyone else behind me halls are wide enough for five of us to stand side by side."
  4. "Sounds good to me." Nebula replies as she jumps off the ship using a feather fall spell to slow her decent. The shouts of Hunter guards could be heard not too far off in the distance. "Well better catch up we are thirty seconds out from Indicus, Shadow Step and your friend Celaeno. They seem to be giving those Hunters hell hopefully the place is big enough for us to have some fun."
  5. Nebula saw three figures make their way towards the mountain the dark aura of Indicus' magical wings easy to spot. "Well it seems they are almost there and the slaughter is about to begin." Nebula said with finality.
  6. Nebula Star nodded. "I know that, but I also know em well enough to say that he will never put others at risk, as for getting caught he won't. I'm sure he has evaded the Royal Guard plenty of times before during assassin work and we have done it plenty in the good ol' days" Nebula pats Calaeno on the shoulder, "Have a little faith in the crazy bastard."
  7. Nebula Star chuckled. "He has declared the mission an extermination the only care he will exercise is to make sure it is done before the Royal Guard pops in and demands that surrendering enemies are spared. If my experience with the Royal Guard is correct he has about forty minutes to get there eradicate the Hunter's and get out before they arrive and try to arrest a wanted assassin and his pirate accomplices." Nebula looks at the mountain. "We are operating outside the law so the princesses can't do much to protect us. In other words just another day for us."
  8. Indicus points to the accompanying pirates. "You five, take him to the ship's brig at once we will update the captain and move on the enemy base." Indicus looks at the rest of the group. "Mission is an extermination take only prisoners that may prove valuable in the future kill the rest and free any imprisoned changelings." Indicus ordered. On the ship Nebula had received the information on the groups base via the mental link. "Captain we have the location east side of the mountain. Indicus and his team are on their way there now."
  9. "A freak hmm." Indicus smirks as he moves his partly transformed arm, "Let me rephrase what I said, I can use mind magic. As you may know the better you are the less painful it is on the subject and with the best users it is painless. I am average so I may have to brute force it a bit. That means I may damage your memories, and you may become a living husk of the pony you are now." Indicus took a breath, "So I ask again where is your organization's base?"
  10. "Ah We got lucky this group is coming back to their base." Indicus observed. Indicus and Shadow Step both attacked two sentries patrolling the small camp of ten. With the sentries disposed of they initiated their attack a few short minutes later they had three prisoners. "Now I have a simple question where is your organization's base? Lie, and I will just take the information by force and that is very painful."
  11. Nebula Star smiled at the announcement as she cleaned her blade, " They are hiding in the nearby forest to your east. It is now your turn Indicus and Shadow Step. Give them hell." Shadow Step and Indicus changed their direction and headed to the forest. "We got it heading there now." Indicus replied over their link. It was minutes later they found themselves over a group of unaware Hunters Indicus and Shadow Step took the initiative and dived down behind the group. The first phase of the plan was now in motion.
  12. Shaded laughed, "Yes that sounds very much like them. So any little stories you want me to share Arcania? I can easily keep any classified information out of them if need be." Shaded puts a arm behind his head and yawns.
  13. Shaded chuckled, "Guess it wouldn't if you know Nebula and Indicus still always found it funny that Dusk Flower let it go on even when Indicus was with her. She would even participate at times and from what I heard from Nebula, Indicus and Dusk at the time it got inappropriate for children at times." Shaded shook his head, "I guess I'll just do as I always have and write it up to their odd relationship with each other."
  14. "They are close though in what way would always confuse me the type of love would change a lot. Doesn't help their little competition was to make the other blush and you know Indicus enough to figure how well that went for him. I believe Dusk even kept score." Shaded pointed out.
  15. Shaded sighed "Most likely Nebula and Baron will turn it into some sort of competition on who can get the most kills before they retreat. Kinda wish I could watch, I always found it enjoyable to watch a battle. Sometimes a bit more than actually participating in one." Shaded laughed, "That is something Indicus and Nebula would always tease me about the two of them were always itching for a fight."
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