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  1. Back in high school, I legit wore a Fluttershy t-shirt around, and didn't think twice about it.

    Wish I had the same lack of care today as I did back then. *sigh*

    It's hard to be yourself when you're afraid of being labeled as weird.

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  2. 1 minute ago, SharpWit said:

    I'm curious as to what you mean by having issues with what the Anime Fandom was supporting since they're so broad.

    I've actually been on multiple anime forum sites. It's really the hyper-sexual atmosphere that follows the fanbase itself that just was too much for me. As for what they were supporting, well let's just say it has to do with one of the more controversial topics in the fanbase. A certain sub-group of people. I don't even think it's a good idea to bring it up to be honest.

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  3. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony


    How did you find MLP Forums?

    I watched the show initially and just sought out an online community to chat about the show.

    How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    I became a fan, at around the age of 15-16, when I one night in the summer of 2014, I just started watching pirated episodes off dailymotion because I was bored. I struggle to remember when I heard about the show, but I think it was due to advertisements. Something about the show drew me in, it was just so off the scale of different, I was tempted to just watch it. I'm one of the few cases where I didn't even know what a brony was before I started watching.

    Yes, this is a reintroduction. Especially since I literally left the fanbase for years, and now I'm considering coming back. Like, I was still in my Junior year of high school and now I'm a sophomore in college. I decided to go by what I think was my most recognizable username, but it's been so long, I think I might as well be new.

    Anyways, let's get into this. So, the main reason I left the fanbase/forum was due to sheer social pressure. Back in high school, when I became a brony, I remember when I started to become less closed about my interest in the show. I wore a Fluttershy t-shirt to school, and my parents obviously knew about this stuff as well. Eventually, something just snapped in me, and I just threw it all away. I immediately stopped watching the show, and just cut it out. It was social pressure at the end of the day that won. I wanted to fit in with everyone else and not stand out, and a part of me wishes I had just kept my little hobby a secret. I sort of went through this edgelord phase where I tried to compensate for my reputation. Then, I sort of fandom-hopped to the anime fanbase when I got into that stuff. From 2016-early 2019 I was involved in that fandom. I had issues with that community and what people were supporting, so I left earlier this year. And now, I'm back here, posting on an abandoned account that is officially the oldest forum account I've ever had.

    Now, why am I posting here if I left? Because I've returned of course, and this is because I've been thinking of rewatching the series. Seriously, I just got this weird feeling when I merely watched the intro sequence to this show again. I feel like I'm breaking a rule of gender in a sense, and it's a similar feeling to what I felt when I first watched the show at 15, and now I'm 21. I'm truly looking forward to re-experiencing this all again. I remember back when MicTheMicrophone was reading his edgy fanfics and TheLivingTombstone made MLP music. Good times indeed. Wonder how much has changed?



    If that is the case and the writing is good the Brony Fandom could explode with popularity again and that would be something fantastic to see.

    I think the reason the Brony fandom exploded in the first place was because it was a new concept.

    It was something different than what was generally excepted as normal.

    But now it's somewhat old news.

    I mean in my opinion, and from my observation over the years, as the whole brony thing is being normalized on the internet, the fanbase is ever so slowly shrinking.

    And if Hasbro does either cancel the show or ruin it, I can't see the brony fanbase lasting a couple years after that time, even with the fanmade content.

  5. Eh i am not so sure about that. The rabbit hole goes much deeper than just the show. FanFiction, art, music, fanmade episodes, games are all made on the basis of original ideas with MLP Gen 4 acting as a framework. Even when Gen 4 ends there will still be loads of content by the fandom and it will likely stay around for a very long time even if Gen 5 doesn't become a reality which i doubt. Fallout Equestria is another great example of the potential longevity of this fandom. Fallout Equestria is a sub culture within our own sub culture and it is very popular. 

    True, but the basis from which the brony fanbase comes from is the fact that the generation 4 entry of the show is little less girly than previous ones in the series.

    This made the show more digestible and easy to watch for male viewers and adults.

    At least consider the fact that if generation 5 doesn't continue this theme and the next entry is really girly and is targeted specifically towards the young female demographic, less bronies are going to stick around in the fanbase.

    Those who try to adapt will simply loose interest.

    I lost interest in the show a long time ago, but I stuck around to talk about the fanfiction and the characters.

    But in the end, I just got a new hobby.

  6. Just like to add something to my last post.

    My preferences can change from day to day.

    So one day I'll say I like men and then another day it will be women.

    But it's never both at the same time, which is sort of weird.

    Today for instance, I'm attracted women and not men.

    I call myself bisexual, but I can never seem to be attracted to both at the same time.

    Now I've mentioned this on this thread in the past, but I'm repeating myself to clear up my last post.

    And one last question, is there anyone else who is like this?

  7. I like the Fallout world's lore.

    One of my favorite pieces of lore from the game is what happened to the Divide in New Vegas' Lonesome Road DLC.

    I won't spoil anything, but dang is it a tragic story.


    Witcher has some very, very dank lore. And Emhyr var Emreis did absolutely nothing wrong.




    I mean really: all he wants is his daughter back so he can pass the throne to someone competent and to stymie the plotting of some rather dangerous individuals in the Empire of Nilfgaard after breaking the curse put upon him by a sorcerer who usurped his father and exiled him from the capital as a hideous deformed wanderer. He did only what we all would have done: got the curse broke by Geralt and then fucking murdered everyone in a show of force so his legitemacy would be unquestioned and dangerous plotters and intrigues would not come to pass.


    All hail that Golden Sun.



    May you be cleansed by the Eternal Fire.

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