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  1. Just like to add something to my last post. My preferences can change from day to day. So one day I'll say I like men and then another day it will be women. But it's never both at the same time, which is sort of weird. Today for instance, I'm attracted women and not men. I call myself bisexual, but I can never seem to be attracted to both at the same time. Now I've mentioned this on this thread in the past, but I'm repeating myself to clear up my last post. And one last question, is there anyone else who is like this?
  2. The Evil Within. One of my altime favorite survival horror games.
  3. Body looks cold. Wonder if it's still alive.
  4. CosmicHooves

    Gaming Favorite Video Game Lore

    I like the Fallout world's lore. One of my favorite pieces of lore from the game is what happened to the Divide in New Vegas' Lonesome Road DLC. I won't spoil anything, but dang is it a tragic story. May you be cleansed by the Eternal Fire.
  5. I live in Rochester, NY and my college has been cancelled for the 2nd day in a row.
  6. Rude. Didn't even give me a chance to put on chap stick.
  7. AMD Eight-Core Processor NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960 12.0 GB RAM 64-bit operating system Now here's a demonstration.
  8. Bisexual with a preference for white men my height or taller.
  9. It seems like saying anything negative regarding the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is considered heresy by any gamer who's into RPGs in general. Well I've played a shit ton of RPGs from titles such as Mass Effect to RPGs that focus more on freedom such as Fallout: New Vegas and I've put about a good solid 60 hours of gameplay into the Witcher 3 so I have a definite say in what I think about this game. Keep in mind that I was excited to play this game. In short, I found it to be boring and never finished it, and I think I know why. The Witcher 3 has a good story, characters, and open world, but it i
  10. Hey, why isn't there a Donald Trump option?
  11. From your time playing video games (if you ever have), has there ever been a moment where the enemy AI that impressed you? Well for me FEAR 1 had the best enemy AI I've ever seen in a video game. And that's saying allot since it's well over a decade old. I'm talking specifically about the Replica Soldiers. Throughout the game, you are tapped into the RS's radio chat and can hear what the soldiers are saying to each other. This is because the command given can help the player predict the actions of the enemy. Here's just a sample of what they say: Yes, Replica soldiers will spread
  12. I'm now addicted to FEAR 1 for some reason. The combat is just so entertaining.
  13. I recently checked out the game Dirty Bomb.
  14. Mass Effect - Vigil Mass Effect - Suicide Mission Mass Effect 3 - An End Once and For All
  15. CosmicHooves

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    I have a doctor's appointment coming up later this month, so I'll mention it then.
  16. CosmicHooves

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Emotionally I'm not really doing so well. My mood right now is a mix of boredom, frustration, and sadness. I don't know why I'm sad though. I have no reason to be. Physically I'm a wreck. I'm addicted to caffeine to the point I think it's giving me health issues. Whenever I get tired, I begin to shake for some reason and feel like I'm going to collapse. It's also hard to breathe sometimes; breathing through my mouth feels like I'm getting as much air as breathing through one nostril in my nose. Of course, I don't feel as bad when I'm not tired, but I often turn to caffeine to keep m
  17. CosmicHooves

    General Chat Thread

    Well I made Japan literally shit it's pants in Civilization 5.
  18. Definitely would not say that.The games have been getting more advanced title by title. In my opinion, Civ 5 is the best entry in the series so far.
  19. CosmicHooves

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I'm kinda freaked out. I didn't wear anything to bed last night, yet somehow I woke up in my boxers.
  20. It's almost 11:30 pm. If I went to bed now, I would get a good nights sleep, and not be dying in the morning... or I could just play Civ 5 till 4:30 am.

    1. J.T.


      just one more turn O_O

    2. CosmicHooves


      One does not simply win a game of Civ in one day... or week... or month.

    3. Lonely
  21. I slept in the wild African jungle with one pair of clothes only. So it looks like you're out of luck.
  22. Hitler did something wrong.

  23. CosmicHooves

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    No time at all. What's the worst movie you've ever seen?
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